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Lucky Day

Today I had a Lucky Day. On my lunch hour I went to Staples to get some photo paper and noticed an end-cap with the Soda Steamer Products on it, well as it just so happen’s, my CO2 canister just ran out yesterday while I was making my fizzy water with Lemon. I disconnected it and put it in my car so that I could hit Bed Bath and Beyond for a refill canister sometime this week, but here they were right in front of me at Staples. So I grabbed my photo paper and headed to checkout to ask how to exchange my empty canister for a new one. The manager came over and he pulled out his instruction sheet, as I am the first one to exchange at his store, they just got the products in last week. While he was reading his instructions I ran out to my car and got my empty canister and by the time I got back he had it figured out and I paid, I saved time and money by not having to drive another 20 miles to Bed Bath and Beyond! Bonus.

Right next door to Staples is a JcPenny’s that has a Sephora in it, so I grabbed my free sample coupon I got in the mail the other day for a Peter Thomas Roth skin care item, I also needed an eyeliner so in I went,  I asked for my sample, grabbed an eyeliner and asked the beauty consultant for a sample of the Murad Age Spot Remover and paid, they will give you a sample of any product they carry in the store, you just have to ask. I was out and back in my car and back to work within my allotted hour lunch break! Now that’s a Lucky Day. It’s the little things like this that make me happy.

Then on my way home from work I took the long way because it’s been raining all day and is turning to snow and the roads were getting really slippery. My typical route home is all back roads that are unpaved, and those road’s are getting so wash boarded out with huge potholes.  I’m so glad I did because I stopped into Blockbuster in town, they are going out of business and are having a liquidation sale. There on the counter was the movie Bridesmaids, new for 40% off. I grabbed it and paid, I didn’t even look for other movies that’s the DVD I wanted.

Then I got home and found in my mail was a free sample of Olay Luscious Embrace Soap, a double pack at that, I registered at the Proctor and Gamble website a few months ago and they sent it to me for taking a few consumer surveys. I love free samples and I’m always registering for them on free sample sites. So enough tooting my own horn, TOOT  TOOT. Here’s  the good’s.

The Good's

When I arrived home I gave the dogs some outdoor time, which didn’t last long because of the rain/snow, they came in for some love and dinner, then I got right into my Treadmill workout, I did a really good walking pace for 60 minutes, followed by 4 sets of 12 reps on my leg press machine.

Treadmill and Leg Press Machine

My treadmill is an older model and the readout does not work, but I love it and it still gets me sweating and provides a great workout.

Here’s what Killian and Stuart are doing while I’m working out.

Dogs Version of a Workout

Focused on their Workout

Today I wanted to share the Lean Arm Pyramid, this is a great circuit and again it’s from one of my favorite sites http://www.toneitup.com. So here’s how it goes:

Burpees:  I have been doing 10 sets of these a day, I really am trying to concentrate on my form as I do them, I noticed that when I get fatigued I tend to bow in the middle when doing step#2, so my focus is keeping my core tight and straight to get all the benefits of the exercise and to prevent injury.

Burpee Instructions:

1. Drop to a lower squat position.

2. Kick your legs out, extend your arms, and do a push up.

3. Tuck in your legs as you rise from the push up and get into a lower squat position.

4. From that squat position you’re in now, jump as high as possible.

5. Come down into a lower squat position.

Repeat. I’ve been working from 10 sets and trying to add up as I go.

Now to dinner, I didn’t have a ton of time so I went to an old stand by that I can get done in under 30 minutes. My version of Chicken Parmigiano with Roasted Cauliflower and a side of garlic bread. I am not a vegetarian, but 90% of the meals I prepare are vegetarian, I just tend to crave them more often than meat.


The patties are Vegetarian, they are made by Quorn,  they are meatless and soy free, and loaded with protein.

Chik'n Fillet


Add Eggplant Cutlets

I use the Trader Joe’s, Italian Cuisine Egg Plant Cutlets, they are so good, they come in a 1 lb box and I end up getting 5 or 6 portions out of it.


Add any pasta sauce and top with shredded Italian cheese, it’s quick, it’s easy and it tastes so good.

The cauliflower was roasted at 450 degrees for 25-30 minutes, sprayed with canola cooking spray, then just shake on some spices, I used Garlic Salt and Garlic Gold Parmesan Nuggets


Garlic Gold has some amazing products, I purchased a sampler pack from Kath at Kath Eats on the Open Sky website. I have been using them on everything.

Well I’m gonna call it a night, I’ll check ya later.

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