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So thankful that it’s Finally Friday. I have been without a stove for over a week. My new stove is being delivered on Saturday, and I cannot wait. I am so glad I made this dish on Superbowl Sunday, because it saved me. This Guinness Venison Stew served as our leftovers all the way though Wednesday. I have a rice cooker from Pampered Chef that you use in the microwave, so I made a few cups of that and added it to the stew and dinner was done. I just cannot get over how much stew came from 3 pounds of venison.

Not having to meal plan during the busiest work week I have ever had, made it possible for me to work longer hours, get home, workout and still have a good dinner. Nothing like a good pot of stew, chili or soup to help out in that department. This got me thinking about a recipe that I love, but have not made yet this winter, White Chicken Chili. I think I found a recipe to make this weekend.

Tonight I plan on doing a 30 minute interval training workout on the Elliptical, followed up with the Lean Leg Pyramid. If your looking for a great work out, check out the Tone It Up Girls.

Today I combined and sorted my growing to-do list. I’m feeling a bit of stress about it. Normally I am on top of things, but the past two weeks have been a really big challenge for me. I am working more hours to cover my bosses vacation, so losing those extra 3 hours everyday has really put me behind.

Working the extra hours has been great in the fact that my paycheck will be bigger than it normally is, but I love my normal schedule because I have more time to do things. I’ll be the first to admit it, my schedule is normally stress free. I do work everyday at a desk job, but my hours are flexible. That leaves me time for working out, planning and cooking meals, shopping and keeping up my home. I also do not have kids, so my time is my time, and when my husband gets home from work, my workout’s are typically already done and dinner is just about ready, which then leaves my evenings open for spending time with him and relaxing.

My schedule will be getting back to normal on Tuesday of next week. I am so glad that this is something I rarely have to do.

Weird to say that this is what I have been craving today.

Today's Craving

Normally I don’t have cravings for beverages, but today I can’t get enough H2o. A friend once told me to listen to my body, that my body was trying to speak to me. She gave me this advice a few years back when I was constantly getting sick. Every time I turned around I was getting a sinus infection, a cold, or worse I kept getting really congested.


Well I took that advice and started listening. I didn’t hear anything at first, but then again I was taking this advice literally. Then it hit me one day what it meant, and then it happened. I had a little scratch in my throat, and I acted on it. I had a few cups of green tea with honey and lemon, and wouldn’t you know it that little scratch went away. The next time I heard my body, I acted on it with a positive and healthy solution and it never developed into anything.

Now I hear my body. I feel the signals its throwing at me. I then took it a step further and I started to take vitamins, drinking more water, doing calming exercises and stretching. Listening to my body just became second nature.

So as my schedule has been thrown out of whack the past few weeks, I have tried to keep my ears open, and my Vitamin C on hand.

Can you hear what your body is saying to you?

Check Ya Later.

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