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Throwing together a salad is something I love to do, I just grab things I think will taste good and I go for it. I just needed a small side salad to go with dinner so I didn’t add a ton of ingredients. I keep the pecans and the dried cranberries in my freezer. That really helps to keep them fresh.

All the good stuff was on the bottom, I didn’t realize how bad this photo was, until after I ate it. The goat cheese and the cranberries are so amazing together. I chopped up the pecans in a little food processor and mixed in a tablespoon of the raspberry vinaigrette. Quick, easy and delicious.

Lets get serious about working out. I am guilty of this and admitting it is only going to help me in the long run. I don’t push myself enough. I have lots of reasons why; I’m afraid of injury, I don’t view myself as strong and I get set in my patterns and routines.

Here’s what I am going to do; realize I am not going to seriously injure myself if I do the exercises properly, admit I am strong, and mix it up and do new things.

I recently did a post about going to Boot Camp. One of my irrational fears of injury started back in the day when I joined a friend at the gym for a workout and me not being on her fitness level or any fitness level at all, I did her routine along side of her. She used heavy weights and did lots of squats and lunges which I had never done before.  At the end of the workout I could not even walk up the flight of stairs to get into the dressing room. I think this has been in my head all these years.

Well I am not accepting any more excuses.

I don’t just want to get by with my little 5 pounds weights, I want to do real workouts. I noticed that I tend to train my upper body more, I tend to try new exercises only if they involve training arms. I can do push ups and squats and do a workout DVDs, but I want to know how to lift weights and build muscle. That leads me back to why I’m excited for the boot camp, I don’t really know where to start, and this will give me the confidence I need.

Stuart was enjoying my blog today, he even had a front row seat. He cracks me up. I love my little chihuahua.

Stuart is very helpful, he let’s me bounce idea’s off on him, he’s a great listener.

Question of the day: Do you lift weights?

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