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And the Crowd Goes Wild. Well that’s what it feels like when you are part of the crowd at a Record making hockey game. Today my husband and I attended a Detroit Red Wings Hockey game.

These tickets were not easy to come by. The Detroit Red Wings have been selling out their home games since November 2011.

Today’s game was a record maker, we have won our 23rd. home game in a row. That is a league record  and it was so much fun being at the game to experience it.

I indulged in the typical sports arena food, I had a hot dog and an order of nachos, but my favorite treat was the 190 octane frozen drink I got from the margarita hut.

The Red Wings won the game 3 to 2. The crowd was so much fun, I love the spontaneous chants that start-up and the entire stadium joins in. Today’s attendance was 20,066, and this crowd knew how to make some noise.

Joe Louis arena was alive and full of celebration.

The City of Detroit is really an amazing city. I know it has had some bad press over the years, but the city I know and love has so much to offer.

So glad we were part of a history making game.

Question of the day: What’s you favorite professional sports team?

Check ya later.

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