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Wow, is today not an amazing day. The sun is out, the weather is warm and we don’t have anything to do today, but sit back and enjoy it. I’m not digging the fact that we lost an hour, but if it means spring is almost here, well then it is a fair trade-off.

Breakfast has been on my mind since yesterday, I seriously could not stop thinking about French Toast Sticks, so here’s what I made.

A French Toast Stick Sandwich. I layered on Peanut Butter, bananas, toasted hemp seeds and maple syrup. I then sprinkled on my favorite Swanson Cinnamon.

It was a thing of beauty, and it tasted amazing.

Today is a rest day on my Boot Camp schedule. I am really happy about that, I am feeling a bit sore and I believe a good day at rest is just as important as working out.


I have some prepping on my to do list today. I love to prep my snacks for the week and make out my menu plans. So in between enjoying this beautiful day I will mix in a little work as well.

Question of the day: Does the time change affect you?

Check Ya Later.

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