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I am venturing out on a Lunch Quest.

Habit and convenience are the two reasons I tend to eat the same lunches during the week. I like to keep certain items on hand that are healthy and easy to eat at my desk.  But I have to admit, I am getting bored with eating my same old, same old bag lunch. I have been craving green salads, but I like mine loaded up or I tend to get hungry not long after eating. I wanted to try out this salad in advance to see if I would be able to adapt it for a during the week “take away” shrimp salad.

Avocado Shrimp Salad

I sautéed the shrimp in Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and seasoned with white cooking wine, lemon juice, paprika and chives.

They cook up so fast, they only need a few minutes of cooking time. They get really tough if they are overcooked.

I chopped up an avocado and sprinkled with lemon juice to keep its color.

I did not add any dressing to this salad, just some lemon juice and I mixed up the avocado really well. It coated all the leaves and really added a creaminess like a dressing would.

Here’s my thought on the salad, it was perfect to make and to eat at home, but I don’t think I’ll take this to work with me, the avocado cut in advance would get too brown and everything would have to be packed separate and then added together at my desk, so it really would not be the most convenient, plus I would worry that the shrimp would lose its freshness.

So this is a keeper when made at home for when I want to eat it for that meal, but the quest for something different for lunch continues on, I might have found a great new salad, but my quest is not complete.

In today’s Boot Camp news, we start week #2 and I am ready to go, I am able to do all the workouts on the day’s as they are listed and I have chosen a new goal. I am going to be keeping my in Bed By 11p.m. for Goal #1, because I really need to develop better sleeping habits, but this week I decided to go with Using a Foam Roller after each workout as my #2 Goal.


One of my main focuses for this weeks workouts is to really concentrate on the muscles that I am working. I want to really focus on breathing, tempo and form.  I have noticed that I hold my breath on excretion and push too fast through the exercise. I have enlisted the help of my husband this week also, I asked him to make sure I am keeping my form when I do the sets. He pointed out a few things for me last week and I really liked having a spotter. He kept asking me during the Crab Walk “Is your Butt suppose to be dragging like that?”  So I would start over and keep my tush up. I think he should have been a coach, he has a really good attention to detail kind of mind, plus he’s a great motivator, i’d shout out “tell me I can do it”  in my I don’t think I can voice, and he would jump up and cheer me on! He’s so cool.

Question of the day: What do you bring for your bag lunch?

Check Ya Later.



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