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Modified Moves

Nothing fancy on today’s menu. Yogurt and cereal and an apple for breakfast.

Lunch was a Meatless BBQ skewer on a whole wheat pita, an egg and a piece of string cheese. I also had a bag of pretzels.

Can I just say yum-o on these skewers. I am in love, plus they have 19 grams of protein.

Plank Club

I had a break through on my Plank time, I went to 52 seconds. I know 2 seconds is not a big deal, but it’s an improvement and I’ll take it. Do you want to join the Plank Club, well here’s the details.

1st Rule: You can talk about Plank Club.
2nd Rule: You can talk about Plank Club.
3rd Rule: If your butt drops or raises during the plank, the plank is OVER.
4th Rule: No limits on how many people can plank.
5th Rule: Perfect plank form must be observed at all times.
6th Rule: Wear whatever you feel like, plank naked if you must.
7th Rule: Planks will go on as long as your muscles can handle it.
8th Rule: If you join PLANK CLUB, you HAVE to PLANK.


Boot Camp

Mondays workout involved a Lower Body Superset. Can I just say this, SUPERSET are SUPER crazy.  One exercise in particular was the Surrender Squat, it really had me scared. I really had to think about doing this move, I normally don’t have issues keeping my balance, but I really had to check myself a few times, plus it was really hurting my knee’s, I bruise easy. So after a set I decided I was not comfortable doing this exercise so luckily Tina included Modified Moves so I chose to do the modified version, which is a Reverse Lunge with hand weights. That was much easier on me.

Question of the Day: What exercise scares you? 

Check Ya Later.

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