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When I think of Spring, lots of things come to mind, plants blossoming, long walks, fresh veggies, manicures and pedicures. So knowing its flip-flop season,  I Sprung Into Action.

I went with a Purple color in honor of the Blooming Hyacinths.

This makes me very happy.

Sorry for the funky feet picture, but I had to show you my painted piggies.

I love when my bulbs pop up and say hello.

I planted this Pussy Willow tree 4 years ago and it never bloomed, but this year I had a few branches with buds.

And of course Spring would not be Spring without Daffodils.

Such a perfect flower, so bright and happy.

But what really takes the cake for me in Spring is the vegetables, the fresh vegetables.

And I cannot forget my favorite stalks, Asparagus, Tender Asparagus.

Roasted, Raw or Grilled I cannot get enough Asparagus.

Question of the Day: What’s your favorite sigh of Spring? 

Check Ya Later.

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