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Today’s post is all about the Foodie Pen Pal Program, this is my first time sending and receiving a box. I am so glad I joined in on the fun!  Big shout out to Lindsey @ The Lean Green Bean for setting this all up, this is such a fun group to join. Thanks Lindsey. Now let’s get to What’s in the Box.

foodiepal stamp2 Foodie Penpals

I received my box from Alaina, the Jogging Concierge . She made her amazing Snickerdoodle Cookies. Let me start there because they did not last long. They were gigantic first off, they were soft, fluffy and sweet with a cinnamon sugar dusting on top. I was having a really hard time resisting them as I took pictures. I love home-baked treats, I really appreciate the effort that went into making them, they were delicious.

I think I have a new favorite cookie.

Other goodies in my box included:

  • Box of Passion flavored Tazo Tea
  • Taza Dark Chocolate Disc
  • Cranberry Healthy Trail Mix
  • Along with a Wonderful Hand Written Letter

I just have to show you the Snickerdoodles again! Gigantic right!

Then I went straight to the Cranberry Healthy Mix. This is from Cardullo’s gourmet shop in Harvard Square. Alaina you really got me on this one, cranberries are my all time favorite dried fruit, and this mix is so flavorful and fresh.

I just cannot get over how bright and plump the dried fruit is, it’s a thing of beauty.

I can see it going down handful by handful.

Then came the chocolate. Taza Chocolate from Alaina’s home town. How cool is that to have chocolate made in your own home town. It’s a dark 70% chocolate. It says its perfect for hot chocolate, so I am really looking forward to making a Hot Chocolate Smoothie. Oh yeah I said that “Hot Chocolate Smoothie”.

Alaina also sent this lovely box of  Tazo Passion Tea. I love tea and I cannot wait to try out this flavor.

Alaina really did a great job putting together a really fun and well though out box, I really appreciate it, not only did she send a great box, but more importantly I found an amazing blog to follow.

This was such a fun experience sending and receiving a Foodie Pen Pal Box. I also have to say that I loved getting the handwritten letter, it was on beautiful stationary and it just gave it that special touch. If your interested in joining the Pen Pal Foodie Program go to this Link and sign up.

I’d also like to say a Big Hello to Page. She sent me a lovely thank-you card for the box I sent her. I’m hoping she will do a guest post one day.

On another subject: Is anyone else having problems posting comments to others blogs? For the last few days I’ll type a comment and enter my information and hit the post comment button, and the comment never appears? Most of the sites I’m commenting on post without approval so I’m confused. Have you had any problems? Maybe it’s a hosting problem?

Question of the Day: Have you ever had a Pen Pal?

Check Ya Later.


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