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Welcome the Virtual Vegan Potluck Post. Today is a great day to find New Blogs and find some Amazing Vegan Recipes.

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So a few weeks back on An Unrefined Vegan’s Blog she posted this amazing idea for hosting an Eight Course Virtual Vegan Potluck, as soon as I read it I knew I had to join in. I am not Vegan, but the Potluck was open to all bloggers as long as they followed the Vegan guidelines while preparing their recipe for the Potluck. I truly appreciate being included.

This sign-up list just kept getting bigger and bigger every day. I know I am really excited to read all the posts for the Potluck, I love to look at other people’s blogs and their style of writing posts and how they post recipes, I think it really helps me become a better blogger and a healthier eater.

My first thought was to contribute with a Cocktail. I love preparing a good cocktail and Vodka is my drink of choice. Plus I wanted to leave the Vegan Recipes to the Experts. I am so excited about all the new recipes that will be available through this potluck. Makes me hungry just thinking about all the Luscious Vegan Recipes.

I wanted to make a drink that was light fresh and tart so here’s what I came up with.

Please Enjoy My Cocktail

Vodka Ginger Cherry Zinger 

Grab your favorite Vodka. If you have a drink shaker grab that as well.

Grab your juices and some frozen blackberries.

Cheribundi is a fabulous juice, there are 50 cherries in each drink with an-abundance of antioxidants and nutrients.

In the shaker I added two ice cubes and all the ingredients.

Now shake, shake, shake.

Add the frozen blackberries into the glass and pour the drink from the shaker into the glass.

Realized I needed more blackberries as I started to pour, so I stopped and added a few more and then continued to pour the drink into the glass.

I just love the vibrant red from the cherry juice and the deep dark red from the blackberries. I am always attracted to foods by their color.

Salute! Here’s to a wonderful Virtual Vegan Potluck.

Vodka Ginger Cherry Zinger Recipe

Makes One Drink

  • 1 Shot Vegan Friendly Vodka such as Absolut
  • 2/3 Cup Ginger Cherry Juice
  • Frozen Blackberries
  • Splash of Lime
  • Ice Cubes

Directions: Place frozen blackberries in your glass, then add all ingredients into a shaker bottle along with the ice cubes, and shake, shake, shake. Pour into your garnished blackberry glass and enjoy this tart, refreshing cocktail.

So glad I participated in the Virtual Vegan Potluck, I had so much fun finding other bloggers and I look forward to trying some new Vegan Recipes.

Now to see the course that precedes me, please click on the Go Back button below, but please come back here so I can take you through the rest of the Potluck.  You have to read this bloggers journey. His name is Jason and he blogs over at  Watch Me Lose 150 Pounds. His story is inspiring.

Thanks for coming back, now to see the post that follows mine, please click on the Go Forward button below, and again please come back for my closing remarks on the Potluck. I think you will really enjoy Reading Rachel’s journey becoming vegan, I know I did, she blogs over at Former Fish Taco Fanatic. 

Hey there! So glad you came back. I know you want to see the entire Virtual Vegan Potluck so please follow this Link to see all the Amazing Bloggers and their contribution to the Potluck.

Also I would like to add one side note, I Always Drink Responsibly, I certainly hope that you do too.

Thank-you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed my portion of the Potluck.

Check Ya Later.

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