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Chicken Soup for Your Soul

Seeing my Best Friend Jody is like Chicken Soup for the Soul.

My Best Friend came in from Miami recently. For me, there is nothing like spending time with my Best Friend she is such a huge part of my life.

So to celebrate Jody and Ira’s arrival, Jeff and I took them to dinner and had an amazing meal, drinks and happy conversation. Jody and Ira are newly engaged and are planning a June Wedding in the Florida area. I am so excited for the wedding and I had to ask them a million questions about their plans for the big day. I am also very honored to be standing up in their wedding.

Here’s our eats.

Oysters to start.

Along with a Spicy Crab Dip. Sometimes one appetizer is just not enough.

Then came our meals. Spicy tuna for me.

Pot Roast for Jody.

Jeff and Ira both ordered the Fillet.

So glad we had a nice day when they arrived. They are used to the Miami sun, so it was nice for them to arrive on a really nice Michigan day.

My Forever Friend.


Now I am counting down the days until I arrive in Florida and see my best friend again. I am so looking forward to their wedding.

Here’s a link to my visit earlier in the year to visit Jody in Miami.

Check Ya later.

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