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Zaggora 2 Week Challenge

These pants are amazing. Please meet my Zaggora HotPants. Not sure if your picking up on the vibrant color or not? I kid. These orange beauties have become my favorite workout pants. Wow, they really make you sweat.

Hey did I mention that I WON these a while back from  Rachael at  Passing Daisies. When I won them I Yelled out “Shut the Front Door”! Well I have not worn another workout pant since. I might need to invest in another pair soon.

Here are some of the KEY RESULTS:


HotPants increase energy expenditure during exercise by 6% versus the control garment. HotPants increase energy expenditure in the hour after exercise by 26%*.


In 30 minutes of exercise, weight loss is around 4x greater in HotPants than in a standard garment. On average, subjects lost 1.13% of body mass in HotPants compared to 0.27% in the control garment.


HotPants increase the core body temperature by an average of 18% more than the control garment, which leads to an increase in metabolism.

So to the challenge part, on their website they challenge New Users to wear them every time you workout. Easy, I normally workout 3-4 times per week and I need to wear pants, right? So what’s the challenge, well it’s just that. So here’s my thoughts on the pants after wearing them for a week. I love them, they are a fabulous pant. They are made exceptionally well and they really make you sweat. They are vibrant and fun.
Do I know if they are aiding me in burning more calories, speeding up my metabolism or if I am losing weight or inches? Well, to be honest, I don’t care about that. I care about this, they are quality made product and that’s what I am taking from this. However, if you are interested in those as points to purchase the pants, then you have to check out their website and check out some of the successful weight loss stories.
I don’t think you have to be in a place of needing weight loss to appreciate these pants. I’m not saying I wouldn’t mind tightening up the junk in my trunk, and if that occurs from wearing the HotPants, then I’d be a pleased girl who wears bright orange HotPants to workout in.
Check Ya Later.

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