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So my friend Nicole over at Apples and Arteries came up with this super fun idea. A New Year New Gear Program.

Here’s How it Works! 

Shop around and put together a fun package keeping to a limit of $15.  Maybe it’s a new workout top, running socks, hairbands, a pair of shorts.  You’d be amazed at the goods you can find at the outlets (UA, Nike), TJ Maxx and Marshalls, and department stores. Be sure to include a gift receipt (when available).

Ship the package by prearranged date and Please be so kind as to include a Note of Motivation.

If you’re a blogger, please write a blog post about the program/gear to post on prearranged date, and link-up post on designated date.  If you’re matched with a reader, please ask them to include text that you can put on your blog.

Here’s My New Year New Gear Match Up.

I received my package from Kim at Barking Mad About Running. Kim just recently ran the Disney Marathon. I really think that has to be the Funnest Marathon on Earth. Everyone dresses up and just has a blast. I love reading Disney Marathon posts, they always make me smile.


I am loving my new Nike workout t-shirt. The color is fabulous and I love the neckline. I have a huge mound of hair and I cannot tell you how many times I struggle with pulling a t-shirt over my head. Well this Bad Boy is wide enough that my entire head + all my hair fit right through (bonus). Kinda of a weird problem I know, but its the little things like this that make me and my hair happy. Plus look at this bright vibrant color….Makes me want to sweat. Oh yeah and that brings me too this, its dry-fit fabric so it wicks the sweat from your skin and keeps you comfortable and dry.


Kim also sent me this super cute reusable bag. It is the perfect size for a lunch bag, and the one I am currently using is getting really beat up so I am so glad I have this to replace it with.


Kim also sent me a baggie full of fun goodies. Coconut oil, lip gloss, runner decals, emergen-c package, energy wafer, and a body chafing tester.


I have to really thank Kim, she did such a great job putting together my New Year New Gear Package. Kim, you’re the best! Thank-you so much.

I sent a package to Alex at Healthy Life Happy Wife.

Want to see what I sent Alex, well head on over to her blog and check it out! Alex is a runner and has so many great blog posts. Her blog tag line is: RUNNING IN PINK, EATING MY GREENS, LIVING IN COLOR

Fellow Bloggers and Tweeters – please spread the word with a link to this post or a Tweet?  #newyearnewgear

Fun right! Well are you interested? Here’s how you can join in.

Email Nicole @ (applesandarteries@gmail.com)
Include your name, email.  Twitter and Blog, if applicable.

This is open to everyone State-side…let’s start with the US.

Check Ya Later.

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