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Today is the 3rd. New Year New Gear Reveal. The 1st. took place on February 4th, 2013. The 2nd  took place on March 5, 2013. You can check out that post here and here. So the idea behind this program came from Nicole at Apples and Arteries. My thought behind joining the program was this: Why not motivate a friend to stay active with a New Workout Item, and at the same time receive an item that would inspire me! New Year New Gear.


I received my New Gear from: Dawn at The Rushing Herd. Dawn is a runner who has a passion for sharing her love of running. Her blog shows all her completed races and all her races to come. Dawn has set herself a goal..Run 30 half marathons before turning 30..Dang…That’s legit. I have no doubts she can DO IT.

Here’s what she sent me to keep me motivated:

This box was packed with goodies, I was so excited and felt so spoiled by Dawn.


She sent these super cool DC Wonder Woman socks and a Teal colored Head Band.


She also sent a fun variety of energy endurance products.


To top of this amazing box, Dawn threw in my favorite indulgent snack, Biscoff Spread and some yummy Apple Squeeze Sauce. I have torn up a few jars of Biscoff in my days..But..this..Jar..Is ..Crunchy! Look out Biscoff HERE I COME.


Thank-you Dawn for a super fun box of New Year New Gear! You really spoiled me. Good luck with your training and marathons! I cannot wait to wear my Wonder Woman Socks! They are so FUN.

I sent some Gear to: Dani. Dani is a very busy mom who has a Half Marathon planned and is very excited about it. She also has been dealing with a knee injury, but has not let that stand in her way. I have really enjoyed corresponding back and forth with Dani. We really had lots to talk about.

The New Year New Gear exchange program is open to readers and bloggers and below I have included all the information if your interested in joining up for next months exchange.

Here’s How it Works! 

Sign up with Nicole at Apples and Arteries, her email is applesandarteries@gmail.com. You will then be paired up and exchange information. You then Shop around and put together a fun package keeping to a limit of $15.  Maybe it’s a new workout top, running socks, hairbands, a pair of shorts.  You’d be amazed at the goods you can find at the outlets (Nike), TJ Maxx and Marshall’s  and department stores. Be sure to include a gift receipt (when available).

Ship the package by prearranged date and Please be so kind as to include a Note of Motivation.

If you’re a blogger, please write a blog post about the program/gear to post on prearranged reveal date, and link-up post to Nicole’s New Year New Gear post on the designated date.  If you’re matched with a reader, please ask them to include text that you can put on your blog.

Here’s the Link to the February 4th. post, and all the participants link up’s. This link will guide you through all the participants blogs, and the fun of the New Year New Gear exchange.

Don’t forget to Tweet using #NewYearNewGear

Check Ya Later.

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