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Back Pain…How many of us have it? I know I do. I find myself suffering time and time again. I’ve finally realized that I need to start taking some preventative measures to keep my back healthy year round.

I was recently contacted by LiteAid to try out a back stretcher. Well timing could not have been better. I have been doing lots of planting and gardening and found myself in terrible pain all in my lower back.

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About LiteAid

Relax, renew, and revive yourself with LiteAid home health and wellness products. Ultimate care in designing and selecting high quality health and wellness products and bringing them to you at affordable prices.

Choose from a wide variety of massagers, pillows, and back relief products for neck pain, tight muscles, aching backs, sore feet, or tender legs. Make each day better with Liteaid.

Visit their website at www.liteaidproducts.com.

The stress of everyday life leads to tightened back muscles, uncomfortable strains, and poor spinal alignment. With the Lightwave Back Stretcher, you can work towards better flexibility, an improved posture, and a happier, more comfortable you! With three different incline levels and an acupressure panel, the Back Stretcher can help persons of all sizes and ranges of motion achieve better back health. The Back Stretcher is ultra-light, portable, easily stored, and collapsible for easy use while you are traveling, at work, or at home. As an added bonus, the Back Stretcher comes complete with a belt that allows you to strap the unit to any office chair or seat at home! Keep one at home, in the car, or in the office to provide relief when you need it most.

• Three incline levels for persons of all stretching abilities and needs
• Acupressure panel for added relief to back pain and muscle soreness
• Belt included for easy strapping to office chairs and seats at home
• Easily collapsible for travel or storage
***This is level one stretch. I did like how it felt, but found myself wanting to jump right into level two. I needed a deeper stretch.***
So I set up on level two. Now this stretch felt amazing. I cannot get over how relaxing it is to just lay down on the stretcher and let the tension of the day melt away. I am normally very flexible, but have found repetitive motions such as weeding and planting really tightens up my back and instantly causes knots in my sacroiliac joint.


I plan on using this little gem the three times a day for five minutes per session, like the product usage instructions recommends.


I am hoping to work my way up to the third level next week. I really think this will help protect me against unnecessary back pain. I know back pain is not completely avoidable, but if one simple effort helps eliminate any pain or most of my pain, how can I not work this into a healthy daily habit.


The back stretcher comes with a great usage instruction chart with helpful suggestions and guidelines. I also love that you can use this in your car for back support as you travel.


Here’s to happy backs one stretch at a time. Stretching away the pain. A special Thank-you to LiteAid for sending me this product for review, I truly enjoyed putting it to the test and have found great results after only several days of stretching.

Check Ya Later.

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