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Elf on the Shelf Chihuahua Style!

It’s never to late to share Holiday Pictures, especially if doggies are in the pictures. I found this Buddy the Elf at a local Salvation Army about five years ago and he loves to tease my “Fury Kids” and now that Elf on the Shelf seems to be everywhere over the holidays, I thought I contribute a few of my own tricks I played on Ginger and Stuart.

Buddy the Elf promotes clean teeth.


Stuart smelled his Greenies instantly and had to see what was happening.


Ginger letting out her true feelings for Buddy the Elf. Stuart don’t care.


Buddy the Elf loves PIE.


Stuart does not share food, so he really is not getting why Buddy the Elf is even NEAR his bowl.

Hide and Seek with Buddy the Elf. Bonus treats for finding him.

Ginger is willing to share with Buddy the Elf.

Silly Buddy was head first in the dogs food container.

Ginger always kept one eye on Buddy the Elf. I think she has a crush.


But Buddy the Elf loves the Christmas Duck.


and Buddy the Elf was too busy just hanging around.


Ginger and Stuart really got into opening their gifts this year.


Stuart really took charge of opening.

CIMG4086 CIMG4085 CIMG4088 CIMG4089 CIMG4090 CIMG4091 CIMG4092CIMG4095

Which means Ginger Benefited. Okay Ginger open your eyes!


Really Open them you have gifts…..


There you go good girl!


They both got a fun treat from their Nana.


and then it was off to bed.

Well, maybe Ginger was out, but Stuart was still hoping for more goodies.



Love my little kids. They bring me endless joy, happiness and constant laughter.

Tribute to Charlie my Fur Brother. He died last January. We miss him every single day. My mom and dad miss him so. He sure was great company for them, so I make sure they get lots of Grand Puppy visits to help when they are sad. RIP dear Brother. “I’ll be seeing You”.



Question: Do you celebrate any holidays with your pets? I know I am not the only one! 

Check Ya Later.

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