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Happy Summer!

First off, Lets talk food.


Fresh, Healthy Foods. Here are a few of the summer time foods I have been preparing.20150716_182406

Loving my Blue Apron Summer Menu options. Other Posts Here and Here.


Now on to my Garden Blooms.


Cannot believe how beautiful my day lilies are this year.


Loving the Purple, Yellow, Red and Orange. Such bright vibrant colors.


So in love with this little corner of my yard.


Succulents are doing really well, they love the heat.


Now to My Furry Babies. Adorable I know.


Stuart is getting old. Stuart is getting stiff and having problems jumping up and going down things. So when Neocell offered to send him a supply of ArthroPet Wafers I was really happy to have him try them.


ArthroPet® is an innovative formula that provides chicken cartilage (a natural source of collagen type II, glucosamine, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid), plus MSM, CMO and Manganese. ArthroPet is a safe and effective natural food supplement.

  • All Natural
  • ArthroPet formula supports the diets of pets suffering articular cartilage and connective tissue problems
  • ArthroPet supports healthy & strong joints
  • ArthroPet is a delicious natural chicken flavor chewable wafer, pets love it every time!



So I planted the bottle with the wafers on the top near the toys basket to see how long it would take for the kids to discover them.


He Investigated and Discovered, and he snatched it with his tail a waggin’. You cannot get any food or treats past this one.


He was so excited I had to let him take it outside to eat it on his own. He loved it.



NeoCell has been developing and manufacturing all natural, premium anti-aging formulas for over 20 years and is the leading Collagen brand in the world. Our products are naturally based, not synthetic, and are designed to promote youthful health, beauty and total body wellness. We manufacture our own products using carefully sourced food-grade raw materials and our facility exceeds all GMP standards.We strive to continuously bring the best to our customers– products that we and our own families are proud to use, made with Nutrients You Can Trust®.




Stuart shared one of the wafers with Ginger. I don’t plan on giving these to her on a regular basis like I will Stuart. Ginger is still very young and is super spring-loaded with no joint pain or problems, but its good to know they are available for the times she will need it.


I love these little babies so I was so happy to see if giving this to Stuart would help make his days better and help ease some of his pain.


So when I started him on the wafers I just tried to note any changes. I did notice that he had a little more pep in his step. Over the past few months he has been hesitating before jumping up on things, or giving a little bark or a whine that he wants me to pick him up without even trying to jump up. So I have seen him able to jump up with ease more and more. So I have to say I really feel like he has benefited from this supplement, and I am very happy about that. I really try to keep an eye on him when it comes to keeping his little legs healthy. A major and common problem with chihuahuas are leg and joint problems. With him getting up in age my goal for him is to keep him happy and healthy. Thank-you Neocell for making such a wonderful product for our fury babies.

Neocell sent me my own supplements a few months ago and I still continued to use them after they sent me the product for the review. See Post Here.


I was at my Local Health Food Store Dale’s Natural Foods, in Flint Michigan a few months ago and found that they carry both these products in the store, Major Bonus for me. I still have 1/2 of the Collagen Sport Supplement mix left, but had run out of the Biotin Bursts so I grabbed another box of them. I love the Acai Berry Chews so much. I really think it has done so much for nail strength and hair strength.

To find a retail store that sells Neocell products, check out this link.

Now on to some DIY projects I have been so excited to share.

DIY Projects…Love…Love…Love having projects to work on. I love and live to recreate, construct and craft. I always have a project on the deck waiting for me to tackle. So in Bora Bora (Link to Post) I picked up Tahiti Vanilla Bean for cooking, and for some projects I had in mind that I wanted to make. Many more to follow after this one below.

So I grabbed my Vodka and made my own Vanilla (Vanille) Extract as gifts.  I made my own vanilla extract in 2013 from a Foodie Pen Pal Foodie Box I received and was so excited to make my own from fresh vanilla pods from my vacation.

Make Your Own Vanilla Extract



Get your Bean 

Get a bottle to store your extract

Buy alcohol; pure alcohol, colorless and flavorless

– Split each bean lengthwise and drop in your empty bottle

Wait 4 to 6 Months



Just made some easy handwritten labels with instructions and information about the Extract.


I also made flavored vanilla bean vodka for an adult beverage option. Here you only leave the vanilla bean pods in for a few days just to flavor the vodka.


I made a two options. Coconut and Vanilla Bean and Vanilla Bean.


They were so delicious over Ginger Ale and Ice. Sorry No Pictures. I forgot to snap one I was so eager to try. I will tell you this. It was very fresh tasting having actual fresh vanilla beans in making this.

Something Fun.

Received my very own Young Living Essential Oils Starter Kit. So excited to try this brand. Being a huge user of Essential oils for years myself I decided to try a brand that you can use internally. Most of my usages over the years has been for Health and Beauty Products.


Made my own DIY Lip Gloss.


Used a glass bowl over the water filled pan and kept the heat low for a soft boil which allows the steam to slowly melt ingredients.


What I used.


DSC_2228 DSC_2230DSC_2229 DSC_2231

 After just a few easy steps your filling your containers and Cooling them in the fridge for just about 10 minutes or so.


SO I tried a fun project and reused and EOS container I love so much. Here’s how that works; Once your old  EOS container is used, you can pop off the center grate and screw it into the cap. You then fill with the new ingredients and place in fridge for 10 minutes. After it has cooled you screw and pop container back together and Boom..Reused container that…Wait for it. DSC_2236

Looks Store bought. (Sorry about the terrible nails-Zero time to touch up).  It was such a fun little project to complete, and I seriously cannot believe how much it looks like the real deal. DSC_2238

Feel like I Nailed it! So excited about this project. It was so fun and easy…Except for the clean up. Gotta be honest. Yikes that excess beeswax is a chore to clean out of the mixing bowls and spoons, but then again, it was totally worth it. Look at the shine. I did add a chunk of color from a tube of lipstick I will never wear to get that little hint of color and tint.


I also made a bunch of other little container for gifts.


Loved this project and cannot wait to make them again. Christmas is coming up soon.

DSC_2256To complete the gifts. I just decorated with initials of my  friends and family and a little bling, and a fun little bag. DSC_2269

Since I had my Bees Wax out I made a Lip, Hand and Cuticle Gloss.




Tablespoon Beeswax

Tablespoons Coconut Oil

Vitamin E Oil

Teaspoons Sweet Almond Oil

10 Drops Essential Oils. I used Frankincense, and Copaiba. Both are wonderful for the skin and very healing.




So soft and really makes the skin feel protected. After working into your skin it does not feel oily or sticky at all. It’s like it absorbs into your skin and goes right to work.
DSC_2262I hoarded these all to my self. It is has to be tested first 😉

Hoping your summer is going well.

Check Ya Later.


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Elf on the Shelf Chihuahua Style!

It’s never to late to share Holiday Pictures, especially if doggies are in the pictures. I found this Buddy the Elf at a local Salvation Army about five years ago and he loves to tease my “Fury Kids” and now that Elf on the Shelf seems to be everywhere over the holidays, I thought I contribute a few of my own tricks I played on Ginger and Stuart.

Buddy the Elf promotes clean teeth.


Stuart smelled his Greenies instantly and had to see what was happening.


Ginger letting out her true feelings for Buddy the Elf. Stuart don’t care.


Buddy the Elf loves PIE.


Stuart does not share food, so he really is not getting why Buddy the Elf is even NEAR his bowl.

Hide and Seek with Buddy the Elf. Bonus treats for finding him.

Ginger is willing to share with Buddy the Elf.

Silly Buddy was head first in the dogs food container.

Ginger always kept one eye on Buddy the Elf. I think she has a crush.


But Buddy the Elf loves the Christmas Duck.


and Buddy the Elf was too busy just hanging around.


Ginger and Stuart really got into opening their gifts this year.


Stuart really took charge of opening.

CIMG4086 CIMG4085 CIMG4088 CIMG4089 CIMG4090 CIMG4091 CIMG4092CIMG4095

Which means Ginger Benefited. Okay Ginger open your eyes!


Really Open them you have gifts…..


There you go good girl!


They both got a fun treat from their Nana.


and then it was off to bed.

Well, maybe Ginger was out, but Stuart was still hoping for more goodies.



Love my little kids. They bring me endless joy, happiness and constant laughter.

Tribute to Charlie my Fur Brother. He died last January. We miss him every single day. My mom and dad miss him so. He sure was great company for them, so I make sure they get lots of Grand Puppy visits to help when they are sad. RIP dear Brother. “I’ll be seeing You”.



Question: Do you celebrate any holidays with your pets? I know I am not the only one! 

Check Ya Later.

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Excited for 2014? I am. I love a fresh start. I do not have any resolutions in mind, but always love the idea of making a few. So with the New Year approaching I thought it would be fun to do a look back on a few of my favorite comfort foods, photos and moments of 2013.

I love one pot meals. Stews, Soups, Casseroles, Roasts and Chili’s are a must in my home. They are perfect comfort meals as well as an easy way to stretch any budget. Here’s a look back on some eats and a few of my favorite moments of 2013. 

Stubb’s Dry rubbed Pork Roast.DSC_1323DSC_1324DSC_1319Roasted Potatoes.DSC_1330Skillet Potatoes. DSC_1328Venison Italian Meatballs.031

Soup, Chopped Salads and Flat Breads.

20130908_171617Franks Blue Cheese and Chicken Wraps.DSC_1360Mini Chicken Pot Pies.DSC_1409DSC_1405

Apple Pecan Crisp.DSC_1413Also have to share my latest kids Pictures. Stuart and Ginger.DSC_1380My Little Ginger girl. DSC_1294Loving her fancy royal blue coat. DSC_1334Stuart my boy.DSC_1297Sporting his Rhinestone Motorcycle T-shirt. DSC_1336and, some fall/winter scenery pictures.

DSC_1300I love fall color. DSC_1307Our Christmas Card Photo.DSC_1494Our Christmas Pies.DSC_1513Don’t all kids lick the beaters. Fresh Whipped Cream is their favorite.CIMG4175Stuart opening his own Christmas gifts and Ginger benefiting from his mad skills.

CIMG4087 CIMG4086 CIMG4085

CIMG4090 CIMG4092 CIMG4096              Ice Storm Damage! Poop happens. DSC_1558Ginger can JUMP.DSC_1539 and Jump.DSC_1528 and Jump some MORE.DSC_1535and One last Jump, because she can.DSC_1536Now let’s get ready to jump into 2014! 

Check Ya Later.

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So this year like every other year I make my own Bug Spray. I am a huge DIY fan when it comes to Health and Beauty product. I am always whipping up a bath oil or a salt rub and have a really big selection of my own essential oils.


It’s actually a fun and easy process when you have all the ingredients on hand, Just add to a jar, mix and funnel into spray bottles.


I keep plenty on hand for the season. Living near water you really have to be prepared.


Here’s the Recipe I Use:

  • 4 ounces Witch Hazel
  • 4 Ounces Water
  • 1/2 Tablespoon Vegetable Glycerin
  • 15 Drops Tea Tree Oil
  • 15 Drops Citronella Oil
  • 15 Drops Peppermint Oil
  • 15 Drops Eucalyptus Oil
  • 15 Drops Lemon Oil

Mix, Shake Well and put in spray bottles.

Spray usually lasts for a few hours, but is safe to reapply several times throughout the day.

It also has a nice fresh and clean scent!

This spray works well most of the time. On some hot and humid days the mosquitoes seemed unstoppable and were not even bothered by the spray, but on most days it works very effectively. It was a wet and humid summer so I felt like the mosquitoes were at the top of the food chain, I still prefer it to any other bug spray out on the market because I know its safe and also that its natural. Enough Bug Talk…Lets talk about my dogs.

Stuart got a few new toys! I am a huge fan of Jenna Marbles YouTube Videos and her dogs. So when I found out she was selling stuffed dog toys that resembled her own dogs I snatched them up for my kids.


They were a Huge Hit. Jenna’s dogs are named Mr. Marbles and Kermit. Ginger loved Kermit who is gray and Stuart loves Mr. Marbles…I love them both. My not so secret dream is to have 4 dogs so this sort of makes that dream come true.


Now on to some other fun doggie news. Ginger took her first pontoon boat ride and loved it. She was checking out the birds, ducks and the other boaters all afternoon. She had the best day ever. She’s a natural sailor.


Stuart showing Ginger the ropes. He gave her some good pointers, but also some not so good. He alerted her to the golfers and how to announce himself! Yep, she followed suit. The golfers love that (NOT).


Stuart is use to a nap during the day so he found his spot and grabbed some zzz’s.


Ginger carried on without him and never sat down once, she was really into the happenings on the lake.


Boy that was a fun day on the lake, and the best part was I did not need my Homemade bug spray, I had it with me, but never used it. It was a beautiful bug free day.

Hope you’re enjoying the weather in your area, and had a good season. I sure loved all the outdoor time I had.

Check Ya Later.

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Happy Weekend! Wanted to start my post with the Van’s Natural Foods Announcement.

Van's Natural Foods

Using the Random Integer Generator. 

Here are your random numbers:

13      3


Congrats #13 julie

I love trail mix or a good gluten-free protein bar


Congrats #3 RunFastMama 

I don’t leave home without my GoSqueeze Applesauce, SunButter Packets and some Sweet Potato Chips! Matter of fact I’m heading out-of-town tomorrow for a quick trip and always bring tons more food than I need.

Congrats ladies, I emailed you with the prize information. I know you will Love the New Van’s Line. Please, enjoy. Thank-you to Van’s Natural Foods for Hosting this giveaway.

So I asked as your prize entry to tell me: “What’s Your Favorite Healthy Travel Food/Snack!” I loved all the comments, I really think I have some great snacks in mind now for my trip! Thank you all for entering. Stay tuned for another giveaway I have coming up soon from Stubb’s.

Now on to today’s post!

So I decided something….No excuses. I’ve waited all winter to hit the Farm Trail. So I planned a walk before work and thought to my self I’m walking the trail regardless of the condition. We had a long stretch of rain and I know how flooded the trail gets in the low areas, but I was packed and had the No Excuse Attitude. So when I arrived at work, I grabbed my co-worker Decal and hit the trail.


My co-worker is laid back, she really did not care how dirty she got. She was just happy to be out walking with me. We have a hose hooked up outside our office so I knew we could get hosed off after our walk. Again, No Excuses.


It was actually really fun to not care how dirty we got. I simply just enjoyed my walk. I figured everything would rinse clean afterwords. Life is too short to worry about getting a little muddy. Plus I had a change of cloths and I knew my shoes would dry out overnight.


After my walk and we were both cleaned up, I had my favorite snack at my desk. Decal got a bone and went back outside to lay in the sun! It was a great way to start our day.


I was also excited to put my Fitbit to the test. I have been wearing it for a while now, but this was first time back on the trail. I was really excited to see how far my trail walk was. I love this little Bit that keeps track of my Fit.


Having a day time desk job, I do not get many steps in. I am tied to my desk and computer during the day. So having the Fitbit really gave my new appreciation and motivation for my before work and after work walks/workouts.

Check Ya Later.

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Today’s Post is part of a Link-Up Party called 23 Paws. This Link-up party is Hosted by Cinnamon at eatpraytri.

I believe in fate, always have and always will, especially when it comes to my doggies. Each and every dog my husband and I have had, has found us, and has enriched our life. Each dog has also been a rescue of some degree. It has always been important for us to rescue a dog in need.

I have posted pictures of Ginger in some previous posts, but I wanted this post to be her official Meet and Greet. So without further ado; Here’s my little girl.

Now Ginger don’t be shy, let them see your face.

012 (2)

Okay!, WOW, too close, now your just being silly. Show them your beautiful face.

002 (2)

That’s better Ginger Girl.

003 (2)

The day after Killian died I started a new routine with Stuart to keep his mind off of missing Killian. We started a neighborhood walk as soon as I got home from work. Normally I walk my dogs at a neighborhood farm trail, but I wanted to do something that Stuart and Killian did not do together.

Stuart was loving his daily walk, and we both needed it. It was very therapeutic and helped keep our minds off our loss. A few days into our new routine I asked my husband to join us on our walk. As we walked and talked we got on the subject of what kind of dog we would get next time. We discussed it and thought about all the possibilities and then we both agreed, lets let the dog find us again. Fate has given us 3 amazing dogs so far.

So I’ll be dog gone if the very next day on our family walk we saw an elderly lady struggling with a peppy little chihuahua. She yelled over to us to come over to her. When we got up to her,  she said, “do you want to help me with this dog?” I said sure we can walk her for you, she said “NO” she needs a home. I took her from a bad person who was neglecting her, but I cannot care for her. She had just had knee replacement surgery a month ago. I looked at my husband and he looked at me and we both knew, this was our new dog. Stuart also seems to agree. He normally does not like other dogs he meets on walks, but he was calm and happy around her.

We told her we would give Ginger a home and to give us a day to puppy proof our house. We made plans to pick her up after work the very next day. When picking up Ginger the nice lady whose name is Virginia gave us the details of how she came to get Ginger. She said Ginger was kept in a small, dirty cage 24/7 and didn’t even have a real name. We gave her the name Ginger, Virginia was calling her Charlie? Not sure why. She really did not know the people, she only visited them as a volunteer through a community program, and when she saw how they kept this little dog, she asked them if she could take her and they gave her up instantly. She knew she could not care for her, but knew she had to get her out of that house. I am so thankful Virginia rescued her and gave us a perfect little girl and helped us heal our hearts after losing our Killian Michael.

Stuart is showing her the ropes, and Ginger is teaching an old boy how to play. It is so entertaining to watch. They play non stop. They are BDFF. Best Dog Friend Forever!


I know this is a long post, but I want to share our other dogs rescue stories with you since I have you here.

Our First Family Photo with Zack. December 1994


Our first dog Zack was not an abused dog, but was in a home that was not right for him. He was a year old when we got him. He was with a family that had several kids and he was very shy and terrified of the kids. This family realized that Zack would do better in a non-kid household, and asked us if we would like to take him. So we went to meet him. Zack spent most of his time hiding in a back bedroom of the family’s house and I was worried he would be too scared and not let us near him, but BOY was I wrong. When we went back to the back bedroom,  I called out to him and out popped this friendly and loving little doggie.  He offered kisses and wagged his entire body whenever we said his name. He came home with us that very day, that was 1994.

That family went on to another dog more suited for a large growing family with small kids.  We had Zack for 11 years. In those 11 years, Zack never warmed up to small kids, he was never aggressive towards them, he just never wanted anything to with them, and that was not a problem for us, we were a kid free home.  Zack was a great dog, he loved to take walks and swim and he loved to play ball. During Zack’s first few years we thought how perfect our little family of three was, but later decided we might want another furry little kid. Enter Killian.

Killian’s story is a little different. He was abandoned and abused.

First Family Photo with Killian October 1998


In 1998 Killian was on death row at a shelter, he was a year old. Some shelters send dogs to community colleges as test animals before they are euthanasia. Well that’s where Killian ended up. During his 15 days at the college he was used by the students to learn how to shave the dogs and administer shots, and insert IV picc lines. During his testing one of the students took a liking to him and temporarily rescued him. She had 7 days to find him a real home by someone who would adopt him. If she could not find him a home, he would be sent back to the shelter and be put down.  I want to point out that I did not know this girl. She spread the word and it somehow got to my brother-in-law who called us and told us about this little red dog.


So we drove 80 miles to check him out. Well we fell in love and grabbed up that little dog and headed home so he could meet his brother Zack. Killian was in rough shape, he was poked and shaved and very skinny, he suffered from severe malnutrition . He needed to be neutered as part of our adoption agreement. I didn’t care what it was going to take, I wanted to get this dog healthy and give this little boy a good home.  This little dog’s entire life of one year was in a cage at a shelter, then 15 days of testing in a facility. All’s we wanted to do was let this dog be free and play and swim and run and do what ever he needed to do to make up for lost time. He spent the summer on the pontoon boat and swimming in the lake. He loved the snow and didn’t care if it was pouring rain, he loved to be outside. Killian would sit on the deck and watch the sun go down.  He loved life. I mean loved it. He loved to chase birds, rabbits, mice, ducks, geese and even on occasion bees. He never fairs well with the bees.

So fast forward to 2005. Zack got sick and was suffering with terrible arthritis. He was unable to climb the stairs to our bedroom so we carried him every night up the steps to bed, he went blind and lost most of his hearing. When he started to show us that he was having physical pain, we knew we had to say good-bye to our first little furry baby boy.  We were devastated, but had to do what was right for him, we could not let him suffer. I had never known it was possible to love an animal so much. Zack left us on December 6, 2005.


I brought Killian with me when I had Zack put to sleep. It was important for me to bring Killian with me, so he could see Zack pass, and understand that he was gone. We held Zack as he passed and Killian licked Zack’s face and smelled him and laid next to him for a bit, and when he was ready and we had said all our final goodbyes. We left, broken-hearted. I truly know that Killian understood that Zack was deceased and I know it helped him, and it gave him the closure he needed. Killian went right up to bed when we got home and would not come down until the next day. He was very sad for a few days, then seemed to be ready to move on.

We first got Killian in 1998 and he came into our household as the second dog, and now he was now an only child. He loved/hated that. He loved the attention, but missed his brother. We did not want another dog right away, but thought if one needed us we would be there. Well not even 15 days later I was at work when a co-worker walked into work talking about a little dog that was on her porch that was in terrible shape.

Enter Stuart. December 21, 2005.


When I heard her say that about a little dog, I jumped up and ran towards her, I think I scared her, but I needed to know about the dog. So she said that the night before her husband went to get the mail and saw a little shaking dog on their porch. He approached it and the little dog ran into his arms. It was 20 degrees out and there was 4″ of snow on the ground. So he brought it into the house, but it was scared to death and really sickly. They feed it and put it in the bathroom. They went to bed and in the morning feed him again. She told her husband to take the dog to the shelter when he left for work later that morning.  So I sprang into action and I grabbed her, and put her coat right back on her, and yelled to my boss that I would be right back. We always arrived an hour early for work to get our stations ready to open, so I had enough time to get to my coworker house which was one minute from the office, see the dog and figure out what I was going to do. We raced to her house I opened the bathroom door and got on my knees to see this little dog. So this scared little big eyed baby walked towards me, and I softly said “oh baby, come to your new mamma”, and he did.  I picked him up and fell totally head over heels in love. So with my new baby in my arms, I drove my co-worker back to work, asked my boss for the day off.


I needed to take my new little boy to the vet. He was 3 pounds, in poor shape, he had worms and a terrible rash on his body, with several areas of his body where he had no hair at all, just large scabs. I then called my husband.. Oops. He responded the way I expected, “Bring him home.” So day by day our little Stuart got healthier and stronger and became friends with Killian. Stuart was 3 or 4 when I found him, he had never been fixed and was not chipped. I called around to shelters and no one reported him missing. In my opinion he had been on his own for some time, but only Stuart really knows. To say that I loved this little dog was an understatement. He was the lap-dog I always wanted. He is funny and fussy at the same time. He is my helicopter kid. He always knows where I am at all times, and just wants to be with his people. He is a proud little guy.

Life was perfect again, that was until Killian got sick with Diabetes and we had to have him put to sleep on November 26, 2012. Stuart and I were with him when he passed. He was my special boy and I really feel blessed that I had Killian for 14 amazing years. I know I will miss him and Zack until the day I die.

Now jump to Current day. Stuart and Ginger are amazing together, they bonded right away. They play all the time. It’s so fun to watch. Stuart rarely played with Killian even though Killian tried all the time. Killian and Stuart were friends and loved each other, but always just did their own thing. So to now see Stuart respond this way to Ginger really makes me happy. I think Ginger is going to get Stuart in tip-top shape with all this activity.

044 045 064 131 134 135 136 193035


So to close this very long post. We love  these dogs with all our hearts, and they have given us nothing but love in return. I vow that I will keep them safe, healthy and happy. I will do right by them always, I pray for each and every one of my dogs to have nothing but a full and long life.


To Quote Gilda Radner:

“I think dogs are the most amazing creatures;
they give unconditional love.
For me they are the role model for being alive.”

Check Ya Later, Dog Lovers.

Question: Do you have a Dog Story, you would like to share? Please do.

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First off, last week was my 1 year blogging anniversary, and WordPress sent me this lovely message.
Happy Anniversary!

You registered on WordPress.com 1 years ago!

Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!

So now on to the Birthday Dinner.

I took my husband out to Celebrate his 47th Birthday last week! I still cannot believe that we are adults, let alone middle-aged. We started dating when I was 23 and he was 26. We dated for 2 years and then we were engaged for 1 year, and married going on 18 years. So here we are now 21 years later and we both still feel as young as we were when we met, but clearly were not. I mean how did this happen, were a middle-aged couple.  We laugh and laugh about that. Well anyway, here’s our celebration dinner. He still makes my heart go Pitter Patter.


So as a middle-aged couple we ordered a libation to get the Birthday Celebration going. Cranberry Cosmo for me and a Two Hearted Ale for Birthday Boy Jeff.


We love this beer, plus its Brewed in Michigan!

We started with the Calamari. This dish is so good its;

    • Steak cut strips flash fried & finished with a 

Lemon Caper Beurre Blanc sauce. 


Jeff ordered the Pile of Perch.


I had the White Fish with Shrimp.


We both loved our meals, but we didn’t stop there we then each ordered dessert. I ordered the Sanders Hot Fudge and Ice Cream Creme Puff .


Jeff ordered the Caramel Pecan Bread Pudding. Delicious meal with a perfect ending for the Best man I know. My Jeffrey.


Love a birthday dinner! On his actual birthday, I surprised him with a Chocolate Bumpy Cake with White Chocolate Shavings…My word that cake was good.


These next pictures have nothing to do with Jeff’s Birthday Dinner, it just made me laugh. Here’s my Ginger Girl on her 1st. car trip. She’s a very cautious driver. She ALWAYS looks both ways. Here she is Checking to her Left.  – Then –


Checking to the Right.


Ginger says Safety First while driving, and Don’t Drive Angry…..

Check Ya Later.

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My favorite subscription is the Conscious Box. I ordered this 3 months ago and thought I’d try it and see if it was something I wanted to purchase long-term. Well after the 1st. month I was hooked, and renewed my subscription for 3 more months. Loving it! This was my haul from the October’s Box.

This box is just packed with such good stuff.

I love trying new products and trying new foods, so this box service is perfect.

I like to make my own kale chips, but these were dehydrated and were simply delicious.

I loved the flavor, it was smokey and rich.

My furry kids just loved these V-Dog nuggets.

Stuart giving them a try.

Killian coming back for more.

One bite left for each.

Now this is one bar I have been really wanting to try.  I have seen them on many blogs and loved the concept behind the bars. You can read the concept behind the Barre Bar here.

Reusable bamboo towel. Love it and use it in my kitchen. Love that it can be used, reused and used again.

There was also some skin lotions, dog shampoo and a few other sample packets in the box, but sadly I used them before I took a picture, but you get the idea…Conscious Box rules! Oh yeah and some chocolate that just did not stand a chance.

On a sad note, its with a heavy heart that I have to tell you that my little red dog Killian is no longer with us, he died on November 26, 2012. He was diagnosed with diabetes at the end of October, and we were giving him insulin shots twice a day hoping to get it under control, but sadly he ended up getting a blood infection due to his pancreas not working properly. We had an amazing Thanksgiving with Killian, my parents and their dog Charlie all came over and we had a wonderful holiday, at this time we thought we were going in the right direction with him, and that he was improving, but just a few days later he declined fast. I held him as he left this world, with Stuart by his side.

Words cannot describe what this precious life meant to us. He lived 14 years, I am thankful for that, but I’m greedy and I wanted more. If there is one thing I can say about Killian, it’s this: He Lived Life Well. He loved every second of everyday. He was my special boy and I will carry him in my heart for all the days of my life.


Killian Michael, Rest in Peace.

“I think dogs are the most amazing creatures;they give unconditional love.For me they are the role model for being alive.” Gilda Radner

One thing that I am so thankful for is taking a family picture on Thanksgiving. 

“Our Family”



Each day since Killian has passed I have given thanks for his life and how he touched our lives with his humor and his never-ending love.

Check Ya Later.

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So back a month ago this was the starting grow of the corn field that I hike. That lovely red lab is my friend Decal, she is the next door neighbors dog to the farm and she joins me most days when I walk the farm. She is great company and she loves walking as much as I do. As soon as Decal sees me pull into the farm she comes running after me so we can take our walk together.

Look at the corn today. It has really grown.

Decal is my pal. She is really a great friend to me. She is loyal, honest and always has my back. She never judges me and is always super happy to see me. That is what I consider a true friend.

She loves to smell every inch of that trail.

Sometimes another friend joins us. That’s Molly. She is also another neighbors dog and she and Decal are good friends. So on occasion, Molly joins us.

Molly sometimes falls behind, but she always catches up eventually. I never worry about losing one of the dogs on our walk, they always come back and find me, plus they are at the farm everyday, and never wander off.  They are both good girls and know the walking routine.

I really love watching the corn grow, it is so fun to see the progress from week to week and sometimes even day-to-day depending on the weather.

This is field corn. These crops will be made into Ethanol. Field Corn is not meant for human consumption. It is used for several purposes, animal feed or as a burning source or for Ethanol. It gets super tall, and it normally gets harvested in late October through December and one year I remember them still harvesting some of the crops on New Years Day.

I walked the trail every day last week and I had a K-9 friend join me every day. Decal found me all week and Molly joined us two days in a row. Great exercise for all, and I love the company. When Decal does not see me on my way into the farm, I stop by her house to get her or I go to the farms shop where she sometimes hangs out. I do consider Decal to be one of my best friends. People always laugh when they see that I have pictures of her in my house, but to me she is like any another friend of mine, K-9 or not, a friend is a friend.

Check Ya Later.

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Work has been busy lately and I love that, the days have been flying by, but I am on the Fitmixer Boot Camp program and the program is set up to eat 6 small a day. So during the day I have been setting the alarm on my phone to remind me when it’s time for my next meal.

That has been really helping me stay on schedule. My first two meals are protein smoothies. The first protein smoothie I blend at home before I leave for work with fruit and the second meal mixes up well with the Fitmixer blender bottle.  Then I have lunch and a mid afternoon snack.

Me being the planner I am loves this, I pack all my water, Fitmixer powder, snacks and lunch all in a big bag the night before work. I love to be prepared.

So here’s how I started my day. Fitmixer Boot Camp Smoothie with banana and raspberries.

Digging my morning smoothies lately. I love the vanilla protein powder and I love choosing what frozen fruits I’ll be adding to it. Today’s was delicious.

Sliced and bagged an apple for my mid morning snack.

Later, dinner was thrown together. I knew what I wanted to make, but was not sure how it would all fit together. Grilled chicken breast, seasoned rice and kale chips on Flat Out bread, with a side of roasted broccoli. I wanted a clean, easy and filling dinner, and it worked out well together, I really liked it.

Had a really nice cool evening so we sat on the deck, ate dinner and enjoyed the view.

We have a pair of nesting swans on the lake this year and I have been watching them every night, tonight the male was swimming around while the female sat on the nest. He sit’s next to her most of the time, but tonight he took a nice long swim and cleaned his feathers. I hope I am home when the eggs hatch. She has been on her nest now for three weeks and the normal process is 40 days, so I really think the hatching is getting close.

The Lilly pads are starting to bloom and I love when they flower, I will be sure to post a picture as soon as I get one.

Finally got the picture I have been trying to get for days, the Baltimore Oriole that visits my bird bath daily.

Killian laid in the grass and relaxed for approximately 30 seconds, then it was right back to running around the yard monitoring any movement from anything.

Stuart was fascinated by the swan and stood on the deck woofing at him.

I snapped a picture of my blooming lavender, so pretty, smells amazing.

Then Killian and Stuart decided to chase each other and play fight. They had a blast.

Later in the evening a hummingbird was hanging around the feeder so I grabbed my camera and ran upstairs to my bedroom balcony for a better view and was so excited that he was still buzzing around taking drinks.

The last picture I took today was this little bunny, he has had a few close calls with my dogs, but each time has made it to shelter. I try to look for him before I let the dogs out, but sometimes he’s in a bush or a plant and I don’t see him, so glad he’s fast, I like watching him weed my yard.

Well, I had a great day and now it’s time to watch Master Chef, I love me some Gordan Ramsey. What did I ever do before DVR? Digging that it’s the weekend I need some extra sleep.

Now to the Winner of  The 4 Simply Bars # 7 Lisa at Fit in the Midwest.

  1. Caramel peanut sounds delicious!


Also, The Simply Bar has offered to send a  Lemon Coconut Bar to an additional winner. So I did another drawing and the winner of the Free Bar direct from The Simply Bar is #10 MLLrungirl.

  1. I follow you on twitter.

So now I just need the winners to email me at denajeanne@gmail.com with your shipping information and your prize will be on it’s way. 

Thanks to everyone who entered. 

Question of the Day: What’s your favorite cooking show?  I’m love around the world in 80 plates.

Check Ya Later.

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