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This summer I went to New Orleans with my Husband and our Friends. We love this town! This is our Third time visiting this fun and never-ending party town. Our trip was centered around the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. Which features Music, Food and Culture.


I love New Orleans, so much so I decided to Get Some Ink.


Meaning Behind the Fleur-de-lis symbol link.

I had it placed on the back of my neck. Gives my neck a little decoration when I wear my hair up.



Back to the Jazz Festival. It was packed with so many people.

556 - Copy

So many different venues to visit with so many live bands playing at the same time spread over the entire festival. Always something to do, see, and eat.

555 - CopyWalked about 6 miles checking out the entire festival.


They had parades and so many activities happening everywhere you looked.



After the Festival it was back to Bourbon Street where we walked the streets and enjoyed the town some more.

515Had a few Specialty Drinks.

504Well it was more than a few.


Had Lots and Lots of Amazing Food.

499       Oh yeah…Crawfish.

crawfish - CopyLoved spending time with my Love.



560 Enjoyed the view from the Balcony Bar.

573 It was an amazing trip with our dear friends. Until next time New Orleans.

Speaking of Vacations, I also wanted to share a new candle I just recently tried out for the blog. Sold on Amazon made by Old Factory . These all Natural Soy candles have a variety of scented candles to choose from, I went with Vacation.


The prepper in me has already started my Christmas shopping list. With the list comes keeping my eye open for fun gift ideas. Well here is one I was recently lucky enough to score from Old Factory Candle sold exclusively on Amazon.


I love opening Packages. I also love candles. I have not had too many soy candles so I am really excited to have a natural burning product like this in my home.


Old Factory Candles are sold exclusively on Amazon.com. These candles are hand-poured in the USA with natural soy wax, self-trimming cotton candle wicks, and premium fragrance oils. The Old Factory Candle Gift Sets each contain 3 different scented candles. Each candle burns clean and even for 20 hours. The subtle jar design makes it the perfect complement for any decor, and any room of the house – kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, family room, great room, and basement. Each gift set is themed around a group of related fragrances. So everyone is sure to find something perfect for every occasion, every room in the house, and all the special someone’s in your life.


A perfect size candle. With three different tropical scented jars. Jeff and I do travel quite a bit, so the fact that these are small is a huge bonus for me, because I can easily toss them into my bag and have a wonderful comforting scent to enjoy on my trip.


It really feels like a Vacation in a box.


The Vacation Theme Includes:

Sea Breeze
Hawaiian Lei

017The packaging is adorable. At the bottom of each candle slot was a cute saying.

012These natural soy candles are hand poured the USA.


So I can check one gift off my list. I know a few people who would really love the receive this as a gift. You can never be too prepared.

I gladly rate these candles with five stars, the quality soy wax and wicks, and for the nice fragrance. Great USA made product with wonderful tropical fragrances.

My Amazon Review Link Here.

Check Ya Later.


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I love getting packages in the mail and I just received one of my favorites! The Healthy, Fun Bestowed Box. Check it out.



Lots of variety featuring snacks with health and beauty items.


Now Here’s The Goods:

Saffron Road Wasabi Chick Peas. Have not tried them yet, but I will let you know how these are in a future post. I hoarded them right into my travel bag for an upcoming camping trip I have in mid August. Darn they look so good, so hard to resist.


 Kelapo Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. I loves these little packages. I am very familiar with this brand and I love it.



Runa Cinnamon-Lemongrass Tea. Cannot wait to try these. I do love me some cinnamon.




EnergyFruits Crushed Fruit Mango Squeeze. I tossed it in my lunch bag and sucked it dry with in seconds. My word it was taste.


Zevia Ginger Ale….oh how I love thee. Amazing flavor. I am a long time lover of Ginger Ale and it hit the spot. So refreshing.



Aquatowel. I love these, they stay hydrated forever and are perfect for a car trip or a long flight.



Zing, Double Nut Brownie. I fell in love with the first bite. So darn rich and satisfying.



Bestowed  has offered me a coupon code for any reader interested in ordering a box, you can click here if you’d like.  Subscriptions are $19 a month, and for a limited time (8/15/14), you can use the coupon code 5OFFBST to get your first box for $5 off!

Here is some details on what your subscription gets you:

You get an assortment of FULL-sized healthy snacks, beverages, and more  – delivered to your door every month. All products are selected by nutritionist and author Heather Bauer and every box is loaded with expert tips, recipes, and advice! FREE Shipping.

 Heather Bauer is a nationally recognized nutrition expert, author, and entrepreneur.

Her fresh and inspiring approach to diet has landed her prime time spots on Good Morning America, CNN, CBS, The Talk, Access Hollywood Live and The Tyra Banks Show. She has also been featured in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and People Magazine.

She is the author of two top-selling books; The Wall Street Diet (Hyperion 2008) and Bread is the Devil (St. Martin’s Press 2012) and has regular columns on The Huffington Post and US News & World Report where she covers the latest trends in diet, health and nutrition.

In addition to Bestowed, she is also the founder of Nu-Train (short for Nutrition Training), a diet and weight loss counseling center where thousands of people have learned how to safely lose weight and keep it off for good.

Heather is a Registered Dietitian (RD) and a New York State Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist (CDN). She graduated from The University of Wisconsin and is a member of the American Dietetic Association (ADA) and the New York State Dietetic Association (NYSDA).


How it works:

  • Select your membership type (monthly or annual), then click Join!

  • Our boxes ship to arrive on the 15th of every month.

  • Shipping is FREE.

  • We currently ship via USPS and within the US only

Membership Options:

  • Monthly Membership – $19 billed monthly, cancel any time

  • Annual Membership – $209 billed annually, transfer any time




you are the best healthy monthly subscription offered and I sure do appreciate the care that is put into each and every box!

Previous Bestowed Box Reviews herehere, here and here.

Check Ya Later.

Disclosure: This complimentary box was received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.

Happy Summer

Hey how the heck is your summer going? Here are  a few of my favorite pics and eats from my part of the world. Michigan is alive and well after a terrible winter and here is some proof.

Blooms. Lots and Lots of Blooms.






 Drinks and more drinks.



Eating out.







  Making my own freezer treats. Link to a previous frozen treats posts here, and here






Freezer Eats.



  My favorites within reach.


Trying new things. 



Nesting box occupied.



Lots of babies.


Lots of Hummingbirds feeding.


Deer across the lake getting a drink. (can you see her baby bump?)


Kinda hard to see but two week later she showed back up with her fawn. What a joy it was to watch them drink and wade in the water. 



Drank champagne because I can, and so should you, every day is a celebration!


Watched a snapping turtle lay her eggs. It was in my neighbors yard and I didn’t want to disturb her so I took this from my balcony.  So cool. 


Hiked with my husband while he was on a 3D Archery shoot. Darn mosquitoes. Good thing I was armed with my own homemade mosquito spray


Here is the link to my recipe if you would ever like to Make your Own!


Made tons of wrap sandwiches. 


Had more cocktails. What can I say I enjoy a few drinks.


Had desserts. 


Enjoyed avocado egg salad sandwiches and Michigan salads. Link attached for my recipe. 


I can finally say I got my frozen yogurt bar fix and will never do that again. $14.00 for 2 bowls. Ouch. 


It was amazing none the less. You only live once, right?


My kids.



Ginger and Stuart say “hello”


Have Fun, be Kind, Live and Love.


Check Ya Later.

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Miami…One of my favorite places to be. My best friend Jody and her husband Ira live in the heart of Miami and I cannot get enough of that City. The restaurants the food the drinks the weather, it all fascinates me. I live in a rural town in Michigan which is the total opposite of the tall buildings and Miami lights.  I thought I’d put together a post of my favorite moments from my trip. Which always include loads of food pictures.

055 054 053 052 051 049 047 045

003 Coney Dog Panini. Hell Yeah Buddy!





20140124_143233Touring a Cruise Ship.


Buffalo Chicken Crepe Sandwich.


Nutella Banana Crepe.


More Drinks and good eats and Havana 1957 in Downtown Miami.

20140126_192805 20140126_192936 20140126_192940 20140126_195750

20140126_192950Condo View looking down to the Pool.



Enjoying the pool and soaking up the sun.




My Forever Friends Jody and Ira. Congrats on celebrating your 1 year wedding anniversary this past Sunday!



Breathtaking view. Until next time.





Previous Miami Trip Posts, here and here, and my I love to Travel and Pack Post here.


Check Ya Later.

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Happy Weekend! Wanted to start my post with the Stubb’s BBQ Giveaway Winner.


Using the Random Integer Generator.

Here is the random number:


Pick  numbers between  and . Distinct:  
Draw stat: sum=5, avg=5.00
Draw date: 2013-06-01 06:03:09

(Sum=5 Avg=5 ) Congrats #5 wildbluewonder,

 I think burgers are my fave. Like some of your other friends mentioned, though, it’s so hard to choose!

  1. Congrats T! Your gonna love the Stubb’s line. I emailed you with the prize information. I know you will Love Stubb’s BBQ Line. I have been spicing up chicken, pork, veggies and potatoes! Really delicious products. Please, enjoy and a Huge  Thank-you to Stubb’s for Hosting this giveaway.


    Stubbs+ Grill=Summer Fun and Food.

Now onto another summer favorite. Chopped Salads and Beer.

Chop Salad! That seems to be my current addiction. I’ve made one almost every day since the Michigan Bloggers Meet-Up.


I used recipes from here and here. I just chopped away and added as much or little of each of the ingredients below. No measuring.


  • 1 Bag Mixed Lettuce
  • Shredded Carrots
  • Shredded Red Cabbage
  • Chopped Chives
  • Goat Cheese Crumbles -or- Blue Cheese Crumbles
  • Wonton Strips
  • Bolthouse chunky Blue Cheese Yogurt Dressing
  • Dried Cranberries and Honey Roasted Pecans
  • Chopped Chicken Breast



Chop lettuce in 1/2-inch squares. Mix lettuce with the chopped carrots, and cabbage. Toss in the pecans and  dried cranberries with the dressing. Add the tortilla strips, goat cheese or blue cheese crumbles, and chives. Serve in a chilled bowl.  Top with sliced grilled chicken breast.

Also had a Applebee’s Chop Salad and a Beer. Loved this salad. It had tortilla strips, black beans, chopped chicken and the dressing was zippy and creamy.


I am so hooked on Blue Moon Beer right now, it’s so refreshing and light.


Check Ya Later.


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First off, last week was my 1 year blogging anniversary, and WordPress sent me this lovely message.
Happy Anniversary!

You registered on WordPress.com 1 years ago!

Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!

So now on to the Birthday Dinner.

I took my husband out to Celebrate his 47th Birthday last week! I still cannot believe that we are adults, let alone middle-aged. We started dating when I was 23 and he was 26. We dated for 2 years and then we were engaged for 1 year, and married going on 18 years. So here we are now 21 years later and we both still feel as young as we were when we met, but clearly were not. I mean how did this happen, were a middle-aged couple.  We laugh and laugh about that. Well anyway, here’s our celebration dinner. He still makes my heart go Pitter Patter.


So as a middle-aged couple we ordered a libation to get the Birthday Celebration going. Cranberry Cosmo for me and a Two Hearted Ale for Birthday Boy Jeff.


We love this beer, plus its Brewed in Michigan!

We started with the Calamari. This dish is so good its;

    • Steak cut strips flash fried & finished with a 

Lemon Caper Beurre Blanc sauce. 


Jeff ordered the Pile of Perch.


I had the White Fish with Shrimp.


We both loved our meals, but we didn’t stop there we then each ordered dessert. I ordered the Sanders Hot Fudge and Ice Cream Creme Puff .


Jeff ordered the Caramel Pecan Bread Pudding. Delicious meal with a perfect ending for the Best man I know. My Jeffrey.


Love a birthday dinner! On his actual birthday, I surprised him with a Chocolate Bumpy Cake with White Chocolate Shavings…My word that cake was good.


These next pictures have nothing to do with Jeff’s Birthday Dinner, it just made me laugh. Here’s my Ginger Girl on her 1st. car trip. She’s a very cautious driver. She ALWAYS looks both ways. Here she is Checking to her Left.  – Then –


Checking to the Right.


Ginger says Safety First while driving, and Don’t Drive Angry…..

Check Ya Later.

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I have found a few new foods that I just have to share with you.

Can’t get enough of your love Baby.

So good.



Meals I’ve eaten, some are restaurants meals and some are homemade.

Enough Said!

Check Ya Later.

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Chicken Soup for Your Soul

Seeing my Best Friend Jody is like Chicken Soup for the Soul.

My Best Friend came in from Miami recently. For me, there is nothing like spending time with my Best Friend she is such a huge part of my life.

So to celebrate Jody and Ira’s arrival, Jeff and I took them to dinner and had an amazing meal, drinks and happy conversation. Jody and Ira are newly engaged and are planning a June Wedding in the Florida area. I am so excited for the wedding and I had to ask them a million questions about their plans for the big day. I am also very honored to be standing up in their wedding.

Here’s our eats.

Oysters to start.

Along with a Spicy Crab Dip. Sometimes one appetizer is just not enough.

Then came our meals. Spicy tuna for me.

Pot Roast for Jody.

Jeff and Ira both ordered the Fillet.

So glad we had a nice day when they arrived. They are used to the Miami sun, so it was nice for them to arrive on a really nice Michigan day.

My Forever Friend.


Now I am counting down the days until I arrive in Florida and see my best friend again. I am so looking forward to their wedding.

Here’s a link to my visit earlier in the year to visit Jody in Miami.

Check Ya later.

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So I had a party for one recently. My husband worked a double shift and it was 100 degrees outside so I drove 40 miles to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s and did some serious shopping. Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s are favorite stores of mine, but since they are so far away, I really only get there every 3 months or so. When I do go, I go big! I really love that both stores are within 1 block from each other. I brought my huge freezer bag and 8 frozen cooler packs. Once I was done shopping at Whole Foods, I packed the freezer bag full and brought it into Trader Joe’s with me. Even though I had the freezer bag, I was not going to risk my sushi spoiling.

Here’s what I feasted on once I arrived home.

Squid and Mountain Vegetables (chuka Ika-sansai). This was by far the best new food item I have tried in a long time. The squid was tender and the vegetables were crunchy and a little bit spicy.

Spicy Tuna Avocado Rolls.

Seared Albacore Rainbow Rolls.

Squid, Sushi Party for One.  Yes, please.

I also snagged a container of figs. They were kinda pricey, but figs are worth it. I only get them fresh one time per year so I splurged.

What can I say, I’ll drive distances for good food.

Hope your having a great day.

Question of the Day: What’s you favorite Sushi? I’m a huge Spicy Tuna Roll fan.

Check Ya Later.

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My parents came into town for a visit recently and when I asked my mom what she wanted to eat, and she said Middle-Eastern food. I wanted to kiss her through the phone. Besides Greek Food, Middle-Eastern Food is my favorite. I have an ongoing love affair going with hummus. My Italian Grandmother gets upset when I tell her my love for any foods other than Italian, so this is our secret.

The restaurant we went to was beautiful and nicely decorated. Plus when you dine with senior citizens you can find a seat anywhere, Oh the joys of eating dinner at 4pm.

For my dinner I choose the hommous (how it was spelled on the menu) topped with lamb. Hummus is how I always spell it. I guess there are several versions, I don’t care how it’s spelled I love just want an endless supply of it. Anyway.

To start we received a basket of fresh bakes pita bread and the garlic dip.

My dad would not try it, so that left more for me and my mom. My dad is not adventurous with foods, it took me 15 years to get him to try a tiny little bite of tofu, which he claimed almost killed him. He only likes what his mother served him as a child and what my mom continues to serve him. He actually said to me at dinner that he worries about me getting enough protein in my diet because I eat so many strange foods. I have explained to him 100 times that the foods I eat are protein based, like tofu, hummus, and beans. He means well, he’s just really old school. Another funny comment from my dad was, “what do you eat on your cereal since you don’t like milk? I told him I do like milk, but prefer soy milk. He then told me how worried he is that I don’t get enough calcium. Bless his heart.

Then came the salad, just a fresh chopped salad with a light house dressing and fresh herbs. Hidden under all the greens were some really great chunks of cucumbers and tomatoes.

My parents each ordered the shish-kabob and rice. My dad loves shish-kakob and that was probably the only thing on the menu he would order.

Here’s my hommous topped with lamb, it was very good, I loved the spices on the meat, plus the hommous was so thick and flavorful. Dad would not try it, not even a tiny taste, but I will continue to keep at that one, I think he would really like it, if he would only give it a taste.

It was a perfect meal and time well spent with the rents. On a super sweet end note, my dad gave me a box of Godiva chocolates because he worries I don’t eat enough chocolates! Funny, right.

Check Ya Later.

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So there are times in everyone’s busy schedules that we have to rely on Fast Foods like Frozen Meals as our dinner or lunch options.  There are healthy options out there. I have a few favorites like EVOL, Gardein, Amy’s and Kashi to name a few. Sometimes you just need Food Fast.

These meals are loaded with protein and fiber.

There are wonderful meatless options that are healthy and really taste good.

Now when it comes to fast food, I really do not have the same feelings. I will search for a Subway as a last resort, but I really do not like to eat at any of the big chain fast food restaurants. Recently I was on a trip with a big group of people and we all stopped at A&W while we were on the road, and I ended up getting a value meal with a coney dog, fries and a soda. It did taste good, but after eating it my stomach was a mess for the rest of the day, and my mouth felt like it was coated with old cooking oil. Yuck.

Normally when I travel I pack my own snacks and meals. I prefer having what I like to eat, but when I am with a big group I am at the mercy of the group on where we eat, but I must admit I could have made a better choice with what I choose to order and eat. Lesson learned.

Question of the day: Do you have a frozen entrée you rely on? 

Check Ya Later.

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