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Here are a few things I am so excited to share…First off I went to Bora Bora. Crazy Right! Check out these pictures. This trip was a celebration of our 20th. Wedding Anniversary.

We flew from Detroit to LA and then boarded Air TahitiNui. It was such a long flight but totally worth it. Once you arrived.


Our view as we were approachingBora Bora. The excitement was overwhelming.


Exhausted, but so Excited.



Once in Bora Bora we were picked up by this amazing boat. Which took us right to our Resort.

CIMG4220 CIMG4233


We arrived in paradise to cool drinks and this amazing welcome.




Once in our bungalow all checked in for a week of celebration. We were surprised with this refreshing gift.



Look at this place. So breathtaking.



Dreamed of this day for a long time. We started planning this trip over two years ago.




I researched every blog, website and review and got some amazing tip on items and things to bring from home. One being tubes and floating rings. So that’s what I did. Brought my own so we could float the day away. I also brought rope to tie off to our deck…Kinda have a fear of being in the Open Ocean.



Four Seasons Bora Bora was the most amazing place to stay on earth. They are amazing hosts. From the first sight of the island to the last they were the most friendly people I have ever met. They really made every single day so special.



Anniversary dessert and champagne compliments of the staff.


One of our special dessert we had on the trip.




We also represented Detroit, Michigan on this trip.



Had the most delicious fruit every morning.


Lots of pool time with fun drinks.


Had room service so we did not have to leave our Over Water Bungalow.





Did a mini photo session on the deck (poser) while enjoying the amazing weather and the colors of the water.


Explored the resort grounds and found this look out point.


Swan in the lagoon and did some snorkeling.


Did some paddle-boarding.


So much fun.




Watched the sun go down for 7 nights in paradise.





Best trip ever, but then reality hit us. Back to Michigan. Well at least I came home to warmer weather, just in time to start my yard and planting.



DSC_2190 - Copy DSC_2189 - Copy DSC_2188 - Copy

DSC_2191 - Copy

It’s good to be home.

Also recently had an opportunity to try a few new supplements from Neocell.

NeoCell has been developing and manufacturing all natural, premium anti-aging formulas for over 20 years and is the leading collagen brand in the world. Our products are naturally based, not synthetic, and are designed to promote youthful health, beauty and total body wellness. We manufacture our own products using carefully sourced food-grade raw materials and our facility exceeds all GMP standards. We strive to continuously bring the best to our customers– products that we and our own families are proud to use, made with Nutrients You Can Trust®.




Feed Your Skin With Delectable Bursts of Nutrients!

Having beautiful and radiant skin has never been so easy- or so delicious. NeoCell Biotin Bursts deliver high potency beauty nutrients in a delectable, gourmet soft chew. Formulated based off of scientifically proven ingredients NeoCell Biotin Bursts offer a delicious alternative to your daily biotin regimen. Each chew is low in sugar and was especially formulated to be as readily absorbable as possible in delicious Brazilian Acai Berry flavor. Healthy hair and skin were never this easy, or sweet!

NeoCell Biotin Bursts, the best way to take your biotin. Period. (You’re Welcome!)

  • Biotin is an important B vitamin supporting hair and skin health
  • 10,000 MCG of Biotin per chew
  • Scientifically formulated to support metabolism of proteins in the body promoting natural energy, luxurious hair and vibrant skin.



SO easy to just scoop, mix and enjoy.



Collagen Type 1&3 Benefits:*

Provides specific amino acids necessary to replenishing the body’s collagen supply helps minimize fine lines & wrinkles, and improves elasticity in the skin builds and supports bone matrix, corrects weak, broken, split and damaged nail beds thickens fine hair, adds body and slows down hair loss repairs connective tissues for improved elasticity; improves circulation; promotes glycine builds lean muscle to help burn fat while you sleep.

Collagen: The Body’s Anti-Aging Protein

Collagen supplementation is one of the most fundamental things a person can do to prevent premature aging and promote youthful vitality. Understanding collagen begins with knowing that it is truly the glue that holds the body together; it is the building block for all our body’s major systems.

Although abundant in our youth, the body’s natural collagen production typically slows at a rate of 1.5% per year after the age of 25. As this collagen production slows, the collagen fibers in the body become brittle and begin to break down resulting in many of the tell-tale signs of aging, such as loose, flaccid skin, wrinkles, ligament and tendon injuries and osteoarthritis. Super Collagen+C™ utilizes Collagen Types 1&3, which is 90% of the body’s total collagen supply and the main collagen constituents in the skin, hair, nails, ligaments, tendons, bones and muscles.*


I used NeoCell Biotin Burst every day for 30 days and I did notice some changes in my hair. It did not crack off at the bottom like it normally does and my scalp seemed to be healthier. I normally get really dry scalp around my crown area. I also want to comment on the flavor of the chews. They are just taste little nuggets of flavor. I really looked forward to them every day. Wonderfully made product and a great website with lots of health items.

I also loved having the Collagen  shakes. The flavor was so good. It mixed well and was easy to just add water and sip on after yoga or a long walk.

Check HERE for retailers close to you.

Hope this post inspires you to take your  Dream Vacation, and Celebrate Life

Check Ya Later.

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SUP? All I can think about lately is Soup. Rustic, Hearty Soup. I have been craving it. Between my Chili and Stew obsession, Soup has been on my menu at least once a week. It has been a very cold winter and nothing seems to keep you going and satisfied like big old bowl of Soup.

The recipe that recently caught my eye was this Hearty Crock Pot Cheesy Potato Soup. This recipe is NOT fat-free in any way. It is rich and full of love. It is straight up Comfort Food.


I found this recipe on Cooks.com.

Crock Pot Cheese Potato Soup


Original Recipe from COOKS.COM Submitted by: MamaLJ

5 Idaho Potatoes, Peeled and Diced
1 White Onion, chopped
4 cups 2% Milk
2 Campbell’s Cheddar Cheese Soup
1 1/2 Cups Shredded Cheddar Cheese
1 Stick Salted Butter
1 Cup Sour Cream
1/2 Cup Scallions, chopped
3 Slices Crispy Bacon
Salt and Pepper, to Taste

In a large Crock pot add potatoes, white onion, milk, cheddar cheese soup and 1 stick of butter (sliced), mix well and cover. Cook on low for 5-6 hours (until potatoes are fork tender). Stir in the sour cream and shredded cheddar, recover and let cook an additional 20 minutes. Ladle soup into bowls and garnish with green onions, bacon bits and a dollop of sour cream.

Spoon into your Favorite Bowl and Enjoy!

So to really play up my Rustic Soup Day, I planned it around my rest day this past Sunday. So I stayed in my Pj’s all day, put the soup in the crock, and watched The Breaking Bad Marathon while the soup did its thing. It was just what I needed. This recipe makes 8-10 large bowls of soup. So be ready for the Best Part. Soup for days.


Have you gotten your soup on lately? Do you have a recipe to share or a past blog post you could link up to in the comment section? Lets get to sharing our favorite Soups!

Soups On Come and Get It.

Check Ya Later.

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Just wanted to post some random eats, but also wanted to include a few other foodie type things in it.

Had a great dinner with my family at a local brewery which featured a Michigan Cherry Margarita.


Ordered an Escargot Appetizer! Yummy. I mean really yummy.


Got the Sushi Platter.

027 026 025

Had a craving for some nut butter so I ordered Sarah’s Nutty Butter……My word that is one Smart Lady.  Cannot choose between the Gingerbread or the Caramel Latte so I won’t and I’ll eat BOTH.


My friend Brooke, made me this super cool Luna Bar Vase.


Tore up an Edible Arrangement. It had banana, strawberry and green apple in the assortment. Foodie Fun.


My BF Jody sent me this book on Popsicles and this 4 pc. Spring Garden Measuring Cup Set. I love foodies gifts.

012 014

Drank some Famous Dave’s Adult Punch.


Crushed this Famous Dave’s Catfish and Ribs Dinner.


Had a Vodka and Cranberry with friends.


Just wanted to Share! Foodie Sharing is the BEST.

Check Ya Later.

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Needing dinner fast and not sure what to make, I remembered I had a  leftover chicken breast and an avocado that needed to be eaten. I also had a container of Brussels sprouts that I could not wait to roast, but my main inspiration came when I saw my Greek Flat Bread staring at me. I needed Flat Bread Fast.

Chopped the chicken into smaller bites and loaded them onto a Greek Flat Bread and topped with avocado and a slice of cheese.

Grilled the sandwich on my panini maker for 5 minutes. Roasted the brussels on 400 degrees for 20 minutes, which were seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic salt.

Yummy, cheesy and fast.

When I was cutting and trimming the Brussels Sprouts to roast, a few of the layers broke off and it left all these great pieces and I thought why not make Brussels Chips. So I arranged them on my baking sheet and sprayed with cooking spray and seasoned with Chili Powder and Garlic Salt. Baked on 400 degrees for 15 minutes. I really liked them, the inspiration to make them came from making Kale Chips.


Question of the Day: What gives you inspiration for your meals?

Check Ya Later.

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Sometimes you just have to give into cravings. I found myself thinking about pizza all day, so since I am on a rest day with  Boot Camp, I decided  let’s have pizza.

This is my favorite pizza, I like to add my own toppings to it though, I find that when you get the standard pepperoni pizza, it’s always to greasy, so I add my own Turkey Pepperoni.  Plus this pizza is not that bad, it’s got a decent amount of protein in each serving.

Pizza night is always a favorite around here, we don’t have Pizza Night that often, but when we do, we really do it big.  This ended up being Pizza and a Lazy Day. 

Put together a Dole Spinach Salad Bag.

Lots of cherries, nuts and blue cheese included in this mix. It has this amazing white balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Plus a few pieces of California Rolls, this really ended up being a great meal.

Pizza is done and I am off to eat it.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Question of the Day: What’s you favorite pizza topping?

Check Ya Later.

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When I think of Spring, lots of things come to mind, plants blossoming, long walks, fresh veggies, manicures and pedicures. So knowing its flip-flop season,  I Sprung Into Action.

I went with a Purple color in honor of the Blooming Hyacinths.

This makes me very happy.

Sorry for the funky feet picture, but I had to show you my painted piggies.

I love when my bulbs pop up and say hello.

I planted this Pussy Willow tree 4 years ago and it never bloomed, but this year I had a few branches with buds.

And of course Spring would not be Spring without Daffodils.

Such a perfect flower, so bright and happy.

But what really takes the cake for me in Spring is the vegetables, the fresh vegetables.

And I cannot forget my favorite stalks, Asparagus, Tender Asparagus.

Roasted, Raw or Grilled I cannot get enough Asparagus.

Question of the Day: What’s your favorite sigh of Spring? 

Check Ya Later.

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Wow, is today not an amazing day. The sun is out, the weather is warm and we don’t have anything to do today, but sit back and enjoy it. I’m not digging the fact that we lost an hour, but if it means spring is almost here, well then it is a fair trade-off.

Breakfast has been on my mind since yesterday, I seriously could not stop thinking about French Toast Sticks, so here’s what I made.

A French Toast Stick Sandwich. I layered on Peanut Butter, bananas, toasted hemp seeds and maple syrup. I then sprinkled on my favorite Swanson Cinnamon.

It was a thing of beauty, and it tasted amazing.

Today is a rest day on my Boot Camp schedule. I am really happy about that, I am feeling a bit sore and I believe a good day at rest is just as important as working out.


I have some prepping on my to do list today. I love to prep my snacks for the week and make out my menu plans. So in between enjoying this beautiful day I will mix in a little work as well.

Question of the day: Does the time change affect you?

Check Ya Later.

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Sad. Have you heard of it? 

Definition of SAD

By Mayo Clinic staff

Seasonal affective disorder (also called SAD) is a type of depression that occurs at the same time every year. If you’re like most people with seasonal affective disorder, your symptoms start in the fall and may continue into the winter months, sapping your energy and making you feel moody. Less often, seasonal affective disorder causes depression in the spring or early summer.

Treatment for seasonal affective disorder includes light therapy (phototherapy), psychotherapy and medications. Don’t brush off that yearly feeling as simply a case of the “winter blues” or a seasonal funk that you have to tough out on your own. Take steps to keep your mood and motivation steady throughout the year.

Fall and winter seasonal affective disorder (winter depression)
Winter-onset seasonal affective disorder symptoms include:

  • Depression
  • Hopelessness
  • Anxiety
  • Loss of energy
  • Heavy, “leaden” feeling in the arms or legs
  • Social withdrawal
  • Oversleeping
  • Loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed
  • Appetite changes, especially a craving for foods high in carbohydrates
  • Weight gain
  • Difficulty concentrating
Not being able to play outside in the winter is really hard for me, not to mention that we don’t have many sunny days. For me I need to stay active and have projects to do. That’s why I am so glad I have a treadmill and an elliptical in my home to keep active.
Looking at pictures taken in winter you can really see how different the light is. It’s always overcast and gloomy. I saw that a local tanning salon has a tanning bed with light therapy bulbs in place of the tanning bulbs. I have even seen little light machines at Rite Aid.
Winter Light.
Summer Sun.

Just looking at a bright photo of a flower or a butterfly changes my mood. There is something to be said about the power of light, color and the sun.

What picks you up in the winter?

Check Ya Later

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I’m enjoying a much-needed rest day today, I have worked all my major muscle groups this week and today I want to rest and just do some light stretching. My hamstrings have been tight and I don’t want to overdo it. I have been reading several articles regarding rest days and working out, and I really see the value in rest days.  I am not training for a marathon or any competitions, I am just training for life, I am trying to be as proactive as I can in my aging process. I know it’s not a guarantee to live a long healthy life, but I sure do like the way it makes me feel.

Pinned Image
Working out and eating healthy foods are important, but I also feel that resting is just as important. We need time to get our balance back and that’s what helps keeps us on a healthy pathway. A healthy dose of all are required.
Show yourself some Love and Rest
Check Ya Later

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