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So there are times in everyone’s busy schedules that we have to rely on Fast Foods like Frozen Meals as our dinner or lunch options.  There are healthy options out there. I have a few favorites like EVOL, Gardein, Amy’s and Kashi to name a few. Sometimes you just need Food Fast.

These meals are loaded with protein and fiber.

There are wonderful meatless options that are healthy and really taste good.

Now when it comes to fast food, I really do not have the same feelings. I will search for a Subway as a last resort, but I really do not like to eat at any of the big chain fast food restaurants. Recently I was on a trip with a big group of people and we all stopped at A&W while we were on the road, and I ended up getting a value meal with a coney dog, fries and a soda. It did taste good, but after eating it my stomach was a mess for the rest of the day, and my mouth felt like it was coated with old cooking oil. Yuck.

Normally when I travel I pack my own snacks and meals. I prefer having what I like to eat, but when I am with a big group I am at the mercy of the group on where we eat, but I must admit I could have made a better choice with what I choose to order and eat. Lesson learned.

Question of the day: Do you have a frozen entrée you rely on? 

Check Ya Later.

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