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Today I have a guest post on a topic I think applies to us all. Please enjoy.

Self Care for the Other 23 Hours

Guest Post by: Ashley Gainer.

Ashley Gainer is a freelance writer and editor living in Chapel Hill, NC. After years of dealing with foot pain of varying causes and degrees, she and other members of her family founded Insoles and Beyond, an online retailer of orthotic shoe inserts. Whether you need insoles for plantar fasciitis, arch supports for high or low arches, or insoles for running shoes, boots, dress shoes, or everyday footwear, you can find relief at InsolesandBeyond.com.

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Health requires a full-time commitment. There are all kinds of exercises you can do and all kinds of eating plans you can follow, but ultimately the more conscious you can be about all aspects of your health, the better off you will be. It’s not too difficult to find little ways to keep taking care of your body when you aren’t doing your hour on the trails (or at the gym or in the studio). Here are just three of my favorite suggestions – ones that I try to incorporate into my own life every day.

Hydration. There is nothing better you can do to support your healthy lifestyle than get enough water. The most commonly heard recommendation is to drink 64 ounces (8 glasses) of water per day, but generally speaking this is a minimum requirement and many of us would do better getting more. I aim for about 90 ounces, thanks to a big 30-oz water jug with a wide straw – I love drinking with wide straws because I seem to get more water in me throughout the day when I’m using them.

Bedtime and Morning Routines. If there’s one thing I am learning, it’s the importance of routines to set myself up for success. There are a few different things that can be done each evening and each morning to make it easier for me to take care of myself all day. Making sure my keys are in my purse each night is a big stress reducer, which is very good for my overall health. Mornings are much improved when I get up early enough to have a relaxing cup of tea before the toddler starts his own morning with a bang.

Insoles. While I now work for my family’s small business selling insoles at insolesandbeyond.com, I was benefiting from wearing orthotic shoe inserts for years before the company started. Most people only think of arch support insoles for plantar fasciitis, but I wear insoles to make it easy to stay on my feet (chasing the aforementioned toddler) all day. I personally prefer insoles that are more than just insoles for arch support – my favorites have a bump right in the center of the foot, usually called a metatarsal pad or metatarsal support. Insoles offer stability, cushioning, and good foot alignment. When the foot is properly aligned, it functions well and tends to hurt less.

There are countless ways to make small steps toward improved health, and these are just three of the ones that have worked really well for me. What are some of the best ways you’ve made small changes with big results?

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