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So I joined a site called Vocalpoint back in 2011, they have offers on coupons and on occasion free products. So when they choose me to host an RSVP party I jumped on it. You had to invite 6 people to the party and they sent you a box full of full size products they wanted to introduce to consumers. They also sent a gift card so you could purchase snacks and decorations for your party.

So after work on a Friday I hosted the party for my co-workers. Best part, my boss lets me use the conference room at work. I just brought all the stuff with me.

Each person that attended received a coupon booklet with high valued coupons and a full size product after playing a short and fun game.

Look at all the items they sent. My guests were super excited.

I served Pom drinks, California rolls, hummus and pita wedges, cheese and crackers and Larabars cut up for a dessert.

These coupon books went over great. Me and my coworkers have a little coupon club going on. We all cut our coupons from the Sunday paper then we bring in the uncut coupons into work on Monday and we all share what we have left. We all like different types of foods and products so there are always coupons to share with one another, plus it’s fun. We also like to share our coupon saving stories over our lunch breaks.

Here’s me being the happy host. I love having parties, plus having mine at my works conference room is super fun and easy, no crazy cleaning and over planning, just a simple fun party and some fun foods. Over the years I have had a Lia Sophia Party, a Pampered Chef and a Thirty-One Bag Party at work. So glad my boss is so cool, and lets us girls use the conference room for fun little get togethers.

My friends really enjoyed the Lite Pom drinks.

The California Rolls did not go over well, my co-workers would not even try them, so I ate them later that night for dinner. I sometimes forget that not everyone likes to try new things.

The ladies loved the Larabars. Such an easy way to have a light finger food for dessert.

Hummus and pita squares were the item everyone really enjoyed.

The cheese and crackers were devoured.

The cheese ball didn’t stand a chance. I did not make the cheese ball, one of my co-workers brought it, I was so happy she did, it was so good.

Had a fun time prepping and hosting the RSVP party. Everyone walked away happy with their product, coupons and a belly full of fun snacks.

Hope your having a great summer! I have found that I don’t have as much time to blog, because I want to soak up as much summer fun time as I can. I guess you can say I have been enjoying a Summer Blog Schedule.

Check Ya Later.

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I have such a fun and easy meal I’d like to share with you today. I was at Sam’s Club recently and you all know those sample carts that attract all the shoppers, well I fell prey to one that was sampling this Asian Chop Salad. I was sold instantly. Where have I been? Everyone I told about this salad already knew about it. Well I am so glad I finally caught on to it.

So I paired the salad with grilled tofu and some California Sushi Rolls.  I used my basic marinade for the tofu and just grilled it for 7 minutes on each side. I always grill on medium heat. I also used my Tofu press.

If you ever see this salad, grab it, it is fresh, tangy and delicious, but I am sure you already know about it.

Packed with crunch and flavor.

Perfect meal for a hot summer day.

Check Ya Later.

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Sometimes you just have to give into cravings. I found myself thinking about pizza all day, so since I am on a rest day with  Boot Camp, I decided  let’s have pizza.

This is my favorite pizza, I like to add my own toppings to it though, I find that when you get the standard pepperoni pizza, it’s always to greasy, so I add my own Turkey Pepperoni.  Plus this pizza is not that bad, it’s got a decent amount of protein in each serving.

Pizza night is always a favorite around here, we don’t have Pizza Night that often, but when we do, we really do it big.  This ended up being Pizza and a Lazy Day. 

Put together a Dole Spinach Salad Bag.

Lots of cherries, nuts and blue cheese included in this mix. It has this amazing white balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Plus a few pieces of California Rolls, this really ended up being a great meal.

Pizza is done and I am off to eat it.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Question of the Day: What’s you favorite pizza topping?

Check Ya Later.

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