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Okay, here is some back ground. I am in a Foodie Pen Pal Program and I also order Foodie Boxes. I love to try new things, especially if they focus on health and wellness. The Conscious box focuses on sustainability, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility. I love it. I thought I would try it for a few months, but found myself renewing the subscription for an additional 3 months. I think I’m hooked.

So in December I received my Vegan Conscious box. The items in the box were selected by the Vegan Zombie! Favorite Box EVER, partly because I am obsessed with Zombie’s and all things Zombie Related. This is the postcard for the Zombie Crew.


So much good stuff. This box had a huge variety of food and snack items, along with hb&a items and household items.


I also ordered myself the December Original Conscious box! They offered a one time purchase for the holidays, and I was all over it. Merry Christmas to ME!


Before I could even break into the December boxes, I received my January Vegan  Conscious box. Each month they stuff the box with so many new products and fun things to try and sample. Looks like I am going to have to get serious about some snacks.


I just saw on Facebook that the Conscious box now offers a box of gluten-free items! This is my one indulgent to myself each month. I don’t buy shoes or purses, I order monthly foodie/health conscious subscriptions. I think its great that the folks over at Conscious Box offer an original box, a vegan box and now a gluten-free box. They sure do meet everyone’s needs.


Well, I’m off to sort through my goodies….For anyone that is as Zombie Obsessed as me, F.Y.I.: The Walking Dead’s season resumes on February 10th. Now that is one show I am beyond obsessed with.

Check Ya Later.

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My favorite subscription is the Conscious Box. I ordered this 3 months ago and thought I’d try it and see if it was something I wanted to purchase long-term. Well after the 1st. month I was hooked, and renewed my subscription for 3 more months. Loving it! This was my haul from the October’s Box.

This box is just packed with such good stuff.

I love trying new products and trying new foods, so this box service is perfect.

I like to make my own kale chips, but these were dehydrated and were simply delicious.

I loved the flavor, it was smokey and rich.

My furry kids just loved these V-Dog nuggets.

Stuart giving them a try.

Killian coming back for more.

One bite left for each.

Now this is one bar I have been really wanting to try.  I have seen them on many blogs and loved the concept behind the bars. You can read the concept behind the Barre Bar here.

Reusable bamboo towel. Love it and use it in my kitchen. Love that it can be used, reused and used again.

There was also some skin lotions, dog shampoo and a few other sample packets in the box, but sadly I used them before I took a picture, but you get the idea…Conscious Box rules! Oh yeah and some chocolate that just did not stand a chance.

On a sad note, its with a heavy heart that I have to tell you that my little red dog Killian is no longer with us, he died on November 26, 2012. He was diagnosed with diabetes at the end of October, and we were giving him insulin shots twice a day hoping to get it under control, but sadly he ended up getting a blood infection due to his pancreas not working properly. We had an amazing Thanksgiving with Killian, my parents and their dog Charlie all came over and we had a wonderful holiday, at this time we thought we were going in the right direction with him, and that he was improving, but just a few days later he declined fast. I held him as he left this world, with Stuart by his side.

Words cannot describe what this precious life meant to us. He lived 14 years, I am thankful for that, but I’m greedy and I wanted more. If there is one thing I can say about Killian, it’s this: He Lived Life Well. He loved every second of everyday. He was my special boy and I will carry him in my heart for all the days of my life.


Killian Michael, Rest in Peace.

“I think dogs are the most amazing creatures;they give unconditional love.For me they are the role model for being alive.” Gilda Radner

One thing that I am so thankful for is taking a family picture on Thanksgiving. 

“Our Family”



Each day since Killian has passed I have given thanks for his life and how he touched our lives with his humor and his never-ending love.

Check Ya Later.

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Special Deliveries…Love them, Good eats…Love them. Especially if they are a special delivery with good eats in them! Also love having a good time. Here are a few of all the above.

I recently subscribed to a Vegan Monthly Delivery Box called Conscious Box. Here’s their Mission.

The Mission of Conscious Box

Conscious Box is dedicated to introducing you to the most ethical, sustainable, and honest businesses that create the purest products available. We scour the marketplace to find those that stand above the rest. Discovery defines the Conscious Box experience.

I was so excited when the box arrived I could not wait to share it with you. Look at all these goodies…While I am not Vegan, or even vegetarian, I am currently working on how I live my life and choices I make. I realize that you have to start somewhere.

This box was loaded with great items. Teas, coffee, chocolate, snacks, and hb&a items. It was nicely packaged and the quality and quantity was amazing.

Sharing time… I made a really great crab sandwich the other day. Delicious.

Seriously, it was delicious. I added a side of roasted broccoli, but this sandwich could have stood alone on the plate.

One of my favorite lunches lately has been a ham and egg salad. I have been finding fresh spinach and sprouts at the farmers market along with some cucumbers and avocados and just mixing it all together and enjoying.

Recently I won a giveaway on Erin Berries Blog for Rebootizer. I have started it and cannot wait to do a quick review on it once I have completed the detox plan.

My amazing friends at Chobani sent me a 6 pack of their 16 ounce blended flavors. Okay here’s where the gushing comes in. I love this company, they are amazing friends to us bloggers, and on top of that their products are GREAT. I absolutely am in love with the Vanilla Chocolate Chunk.

I did share approximately 2 teaspoons with my husband, I felt like in order to do an honest review I had to eat the rest! Then I started in on the Mango. I really love the blended flavors. I have always been a huge fan of Chobani’s fruit on the bottom Pineapple flavor, but now feel like I should alternate my Chobani love to the blended yogurt as well. I am planning a few post with some of the ways I enjoyed the Chobani yogurt other than straight out of the container. What can I say, I  sometimes can’t help myself. Once it hits your lipsit’s so good! (Old School Movie Reference). Sorry.

I have been on a roll with blog giveaways lately and hit it BIG with the next two prizes. First up I won a $50.00 gift card to Lululemon. One of my favorite bloggers Calee from Life + Running was hosting this giveaway, and I could not have been happier when she notified my that I had won. I am so looking forward to spending that gift card. When Lululemon sent me the gift card they also sent me a reusable bag that I think I will use as my lunch bag and a change purse. Loving them lots right now.

My next big prize was from Rachael at Passing Daisies. I have been reading Rachael’s blog for a long time and love her dedication to honest blogging.  She really has well written posts with some great recipes. So back to the prize, I won these Zaggora HotPants. I was really pumped about these HotPants and put them to the test and loved them. Here’s some information on them taken directly from their webpage.

 HotPants increase energy expenditure during exercise by 6% versus the control garment. HotPants increase energy expenditure in the hour after exercise by 26%*.

In 30 minutes of exercise, weight loss is around 4x greater in HotPants than in a standard garment. On average, subjects lost 1.13% of body mass in HotPants compared to 0.27% in the control garment.

HotPants increase the core body temperature by an average of 18% more than the control garment, which leads to an increase in metabolism.

I ordered the Orange, because it’s so HOT right now. Nah, I just love Orange. How cute are they? I can tell you this from just wearing them once, I sure did sweat more doing the same workout I normally do. So I will have to keep you posted on them. They have a Take the Challenge for new users of the HotPants. So me loving a challenge is all in. What they expect is just this: Wear the pants a few times a week during exercise and share your results! Easy. Like I said I am all in. So I will share my experience here with you once I have completed said challenge. Orange HotPants are so hot right now! Just saying. 

Now on to a few of the good times I was talking about earlier. Hit a Tigers game with my husband over the Labor Day week-end. Even though we lost and it was 86 degrees, we still had a great time. I love going Downtown Detroit, the city is always so much fun. We had a few beers, had some hot dogs and some frozen lemon aid. It was a fun afternoon ball game.

Photo: Hot day at comerica

We also spent time with our friends having a few beers at a backyard birthday party. I do love beer. Another reason I am happy I won the Rebootizer, I could use a detox plan after indulging on so many festive foods and drinks this summer. It really has been the summer of fun.

I threw in this picture. I love this picture. It was taken on a houseboat trip I took in August. There was 30 people on this trip and all us girls got together and all piled on a floating island with our drinks and took tons of pictures, this picture happens to be my favorite. So much fun. Girl Power.

I included this picture because it’s pretty and I love water lilies.

Killian and Stuart say Hi! See my Orange stripped sweater with the Orange tissue tee, told ya I am loving Orange right now.

How cute are my fur babies? They look freaked out in this picture, but man I just love their little faces. They make my heart go Pitter Patter.

heart clipart love

Check Ya Later.

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