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Stuart wanted to be the headliner for this post, he had such a great Easter and wanted to share some of his favorite moments, so towards the end of the post you can see some of the things he enjoyed.

Easter is a favorite holiday of mine and apparently my little guy Stuart’s. My favorite food related reason is because of Eggs.  I love Deviled Egg’s. So when my mom whipped up a batch on Saturday afternoon I was really excited.

These snacks came just in time, we had just taken the 3 dogs on a 2 mile walk, and dinner was still a few hours away.

For dinner we had Ham and all our favorite side dishes.

Cheesy potatoes.

Sweet baby peas.


Sweet potatoes.

I loaded up my plate.

I opted for my favorite cocktail, Vodka and Cranberry juice.

Everyone else had wine, but Vodka is my drink of choice right now.

Here’s a few pictures of the doggies trying to get a little love from the dinner table.  I have to be honest, I’m a sucker for my dogs on Holiday’s, I let them try all the foods I eat, I know that is not a good thing to do, but I only give them little bites, I feel bad not including them in Holiday meals. The middle dog is Charlie, my parents dog, I call him my furry baby brother.


I waited until dinner was over and I tested Stuart to see if he would try to eat off my plate, ahhh yeah he did! He even tried to jump up on the table for a better view. I then put him on my husbands lap to see if he would try it with him, I’m usually the one he knows he can get away with stuff like that with, and sure enough, the power of the ham took over Stuarts fear of being a naughty dog. He went for it!


For dessert we had Creme Brulee, I was out playing with the dogs when my mom torched them with her little butane torch, I really wanted to get pictures of her browning the sugar and before she topped it with whipped cream and fruit, but I missed out on those photos. It tasted amazing.

I love the texture of Creme Brulee, so smooth and thick.

We let the doggies try the Creme Brulee, they loved it. I know I’m a naughty mommy, can you imagine what I would let real kids get away with.


Look at the little dog, he balanced like that for about 30 seconds, he really worked hard getting this taste, and this was my husband giving out these tastes.  This was Stuarts favorite moment, he loved the Creme Brulee.


Looking forward to a great week, I’m at Week #6 of Boot Camp. It has been a great experience so far.

Question of the Day: Do you let your kids/furry kids get away with things on holiday’s?

Check Ya Later.

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