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So I am seriously into frozen treats this summer, now that I have been making my own. I am hooked. Can you blame me? These little pops are perfect as a snack on a hot day. Between these, the frozen fruit bars and the Chobani Granola Pops I made a few weeks ago, I am digging my freezer.

After they were ready, I grabbed one and went outside to enjoy my chilly treat on the front porch.

Killian Approved!  Don’t judge. My dogs are like my kids.

I am going to be taking some vacation time for the 4th. of July holiday. I plan on spending time with family and friends so I am going to unplug today after work. Hope you enjoy the holiday.

Check Ya Later.

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Before work I made a treat that I could enjoy later in the evening. I am loving making my own frozen fruit bars. bars. Today’s pops are Lite Pom juice with Frozen Raspberries. Here’s a link to the other frozen treats I have made recently.

Chobani and Granola Pops

Frozen Fruit Bars

I had fresh raspberries that I froze with the intention of using them in the fruit bars. I thought having them frozen would make it easier to chop them up and add them into the molds.

I broke up the frozen raspberries and dropped them into the molds, then topped off with fruit juice.

The Lite Pom is really lite. There is no added sugar in this juice, so if you like your frozen fruit bars to have a sweeter taste you should buy the regular juice or add a sweetener to it. I like mine lite so the flavor works out great for me.

Frozen Raspberry Pops.

After making up these fresh pops, I made a cold salad to bring to work and enjoy at lunch, in the mix is, spinach, cucumber, avocado and a sliced egg. Topped with vinegar and a touch of oil. I love a cold refreshing salad on a hot day.

After work I came home and grabbed a Frozen Raspberry Pop. Loved it!

Stuart also thought they were good.

Random Question of the Day: Does this hot weather affect your workouts? I do my 2 mile walk in the early morning before it hits 90 degrees. What do you do to  stay fit in the summer without killing yourself in the heat?

Check Ya Later.

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