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So there are times in everyone’s busy schedules that we have to rely on Fast Foods like Frozen Meals as our dinner or lunch options.  There are healthy options out there. I have a few favorites like EVOL, Gardein, Amy’s and Kashi to name a few. Sometimes you just need Food Fast.

These meals are loaded with protein and fiber.

There are wonderful meatless options that are healthy and really taste good.

Now when it comes to fast food, I really do not have the same feelings. I will search for a Subway as a last resort, but I really do not like to eat at any of the big chain fast food restaurants. Recently I was on a trip with a big group of people and we all stopped at A&W while we were on the road, and I ended up getting a value meal with a coney dog, fries and a soda. It did taste good, but after eating it my stomach was a mess for the rest of the day, and my mouth felt like it was coated with old cooking oil. Yuck.

Normally when I travel I pack my own snacks and meals. I prefer having what I like to eat, but when I am with a big group I am at the mercy of the group on where we eat, but I must admit I could have made a better choice with what I choose to order and eat. Lesson learned.

Question of the day: Do you have a frozen entrée you rely on? 

Check Ya Later.

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What's in Today's Bag

This is today’s Breakfast and Lunch bag.  Chobani Pineapple Yogurt and Kashi Blossoms cereal with an apple.

For lunch I had a smoked turkey and cheese sandwich on an English muffin. I also had some grapes, pretzels, and a mozzarella cheese stick. For my mid day snack I had a hard-boiled egg.

So much to do and so much to read lately, I am an avid Healthy Living Blog reader, I get so many amazing recipes and workout ideas it sometimes consumes me. I found myself catching up with some blogs last night and lost all tract of time, but I walked away with some great recipes and a few new circuits I want to try. I guess I’ll add them to my to-do list.

My workout today was a 45 minutes elliptical workout, I kept a great pace and increased the incline every 10 minutes. I felt strong, sometimes I get sore after a big leg workout like I did yesterday, but I really only felt the burn the first few minutes than it went away.

Today is one of my favorite workouts, ARMS. So I did a quick 10 minute circuit from my Body by Bethenny DVD.

This is a mini set.  Do 2 sets of 12 using 5 pound weights.

  • Side Shoulder Raises
  • Bicep Curls
  • Hinged Rows

Repeat Set

  • Front Raises
  • Tricep Kickbacks
  • Overhead Presses

Repeat Set

It’s just enough to get you heart pumping. I took a quick water break than went right into the Lean Arm Pyramid.

Lean Arms Pyramid

  • 10 Push-ups (can be on knees!)
  • 20 Dips (on edge of chair or bench)
  • 30 Bicep Curls (light weights or water bottles)
  • 40 Seconds Plank on hands
  • 50 Tone It Up Tummy Tucks
  • 40 Seconds Plank on hands
  • 30 Bicep Curls (light weights or water bottles)
  • 20 Dips (on edge of chair or bench)
  • 10 Push-ups (can be on knees!)
I Love this workout so much, I started this circuit two weeks ago and I can already feel my arms getting stronger. The planks and the push ups are getting easier and I find my core is getting a bit more stable when doing the planks, not as much shaking and asking my husband if the 40 seconds are up!

Tonight’s dinner was a fast favorite, Quorn Meatless & Soy-Free Chik’n Patties with a 1/2 of Avocado. We also had a Side Salad and Sweet Potato Fries. It hit the spot. I could not believe how Happy the Avocado made me, it was ripe, smooth and perfect.

The Avocado stole the show tonight.

So glad I have an easy week ahead, the weather has been weird here, cold one day, then it warms up, then it turns bitter cold again. I’ve had several friends come down with colds and sinus infections, so I’m glad I don’t have much running around to do this week. I’m hoping to stay as healthy as I can.

The only stop I made today was to my local bread store for a bread run!


Our lake is frozen solid and it looks like I better get my Ice Skates out. I see a weekend skate coming up in my near future.

Have a great night, stay healthy and don’t forget to plan your next workout.

Check ya later

Question: Does anyone have a favorite workout they have been doing?

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