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KLUTCHclub, what is it you ask? Well it’s a monthly subscription of healthy items. Each month is a different theme and Augusts Box Theme is:

“Health on the Go” this box is curated to help you find healthy choices that fit into a busy schedule. Whether you’re traveling or just constantly on the go, these products will make it easier to stay fit and energized.

Enjoy Over $100 Worth Of Products

Here’s how it works…

Here’s how you can order the boxes….. Can you believe the value in the boxes.


Look at the August Box….Over $100.00 worth of Healthy Items all for $18.00.

Awesome Right?

So when I received my box here is what I did,

I ripped it open and checked out all my goodies. I love getting healthy foods and products in the mail.

Here’s what I grabbed right away and began thinking what I wanted to eat this with. When I order sushi, I love it when there is a Seaweed Salad served with it. So I wanted to see if this would be comparable.

Kurakon Japanese Delight Seaweed Salad on the go. Yummy and healthy. Such a fun food item. I loved the texture and it was so easy to prepare. I can see me grabbing these for a road trip or a long flight, or just a fun sushi dinner at home. I checked out the website and plan on ordering a case to have these little cups on hand. LOVED IT!

Alo Awaken Aloe Vera. The following information is taken from their website: This beverage is aloe vera and wheatgrass is made with real wheatgrass extract (5 percent). It is packed with vitamins (especially vitamin K), minerals, chlorophyll, and enzymes. Alo line of Aloe Vera infused drinks is the leading RTD Aloe Vera drink in the US. Our drinks are made from only the best, all natural ingredients. We never use artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Nor do we add gellan gum, xantham gum, thickeners, or emulsifiers, as some others do. Our proprietary manufacturing process yields larger chunks of real aloe pulp than any other Aloe Vera drink in the market. And we have totally unique blends like none other.
I gave this one a try and I have to admit I was a bit scared that I would not like it. After a few sips I realized that I didn’t mind the flavor or the texture at all. I had read mixed reviews on it, but I found myself liking it more and more as I drank it. I can see how some folks would be hesitant to try it due to the texture.

GoNola granola. I love granola, always have, always will. GoNola packages there granola with the person on the go in mind. I like that, I’m always looking for foods that travel well and are also a healthy option. Looks like I found a winner.  GoNola is a tasty and satisfying snack that’s higher in nutritional value and lower in calories, fat and sugar. Here’s some easy ways to get more GoNola in your life.

How can you eat GoNola?

  • As a topping for Ice cream, yogurt, yogurt parfait, cereal, or applesauce
  • As an on-the-go snack
  • For your kids’ lunchboxes
  • As a team treat after soccer practice
  • With a hot cup of coffee to start your day
  • To sprinkle in as an ingredient in cookie dough, pancake mix, or pie crust
  • Any way you want!

Honest review, I loved the taste, the crunchy and found it to be flavorful and light.


I was worried that the my hair would be to heavy for the Twistband, but I was wrong, my hair was tied up as tight and secure as it would be with a standard hair tie. When the Twistband is not making my hair pretty, it’s on my wrist. I love the Twistband, its cute and functional.

BioPharma Superfood. Looking forward to trying this, after reading up on the product. Here’s some information directly from the website.

NanoGreens10® Vegetable and Fruit SuperFood

Hurry up and eat your greens, they put hair on your chest!  WHAT?!  No Adult or child wants to be forced to eat something their taste buds simply don’t like.  NanoGreens10® is the answer to that problem. Like all of our Nano products, NanoGreens10® is great for adults and child consumption and it gives everyone the antioxidants that you would find by eating 10 servings of organic vegetables and fruits. NanoGreens10® is an antioxidant-filled greens superfood supplement in powder form that is not only nutritious but tastes DELICIOUS!

I liked how easy it was to take these supplements. I was not sure what to expect with them being in powder form as far as flavor went, but it was nice. It was also a good way of upping my daily water intake. Win/Win.

PopCorners. I am a huge fan of PopCorners, they are delicious and crispy. I have had them before and was glad to see a familiar item in the KLUTCHclub box. I tore open the bag and enjoyed those Yummy Sea Salt PopCorners Snack. I love this All Natural snack. I do need to try a few more flavors to say I’ve tried them all, but I am getting close.

Tieks, oh how I want you, your shoes are amazing, cute and look comfortable, but even with the $50.00 credit your shoes are just too expensive for me. Tieks shoe prices start at $165.00 and go up to $295.00. I just can not justify spending that kind of money on shoes, but if you are a shoe person with a large budget, I have a feeling you will really love these shoes, they really are beautiful and very stylish.

i BodyFit. This is such a great membership. Having access to all the different types of training is great. I Love this, I will use this membership on a daily and a weekly basis for my weights, yoga and some other workouts I have yet to try.

GoSportID. They included a $10.00 gift card towards any purchase. I went to the site and found many options I would choose. GoSportID is a from of identification that runners, cyclists and anyone outdoor enthusiasts can wear in case of an emergency. Great idea. I will be looking into what I want to order, I like the idea of the tennis shoe ID clip.

Hope you enjoyed my review of the KLUTCHclub box, I had fun reviewing the items and really enjoyed all the items in the box.

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If you are interested in ordering a box for yourself or for a friend, please use the follow link.: http://mbsy.co/klutchclub/28375

Hey, I almost forgot to tell you some big news from KLUTCHclub: They Now Offer a Male KLUTCHclub box.  Don’t you think this would make a great gift for your favorite man. Below is the September Male Box. Nice to see how they customize the box for a healthy male.

* KLUTCHclub sent me this box to review, all opinions are my own.

Check Ya Later.

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