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Tonight I craved pasta, so I thought long and hard about what kind of pasta I wanted and nothing came to mind, so I let the ingredients I had on hand guide me.

I grabbed some items out of the fridge. Fresh spinach, feta cheese, asparagus and broccoli. I also had some brats that I thought my husband would love in his pasta bowl.

So first things first, I started the grill for the brats.

Then I chopped the broccoli and trimmed the asparagus and got them ready to roast on the grill. Roasted on the top shelf of the grill for 17 minutes lightly seasoned. Brats went on the bottom rack for the 17 minutes of grill time, and I turned them once. While that was roasting I got my pasta going. Used a can of chicken broth and brought the noodles to a boil. Added the fresh spinach and cooked for 12 minutes. Stirring occasionally. Once the pasta was done I added the feta cheese and the roasted broccoli and tossed together.

Grabbed the brats from the grill and sliced them into chunks. Used the asparagus as a side vegetable.

Put it all together and there you have the Pasta Bowl. This bowl was Jeff’s.

And this Pasta Bowl was mine.

Looking back at the assembly of this dish, I cannot get over how easy it was. I had 4 main ingredients, 3 were on the grill and the pasta on the stove. It really only took 30 minutes to complete, and it cured my pasta craving. I love my grill, it makes throwing a dinner together easy.

Snapped a few pictures. I love summer and outdoor living. I live for outdoor walks, eating outdoors, taking pictures of the great outdoors.

I harassed this little worker for about 5 minutes, he could careless, he was too busy doing his work.

He was Bee-utiful.

Stuart helping me weed.

Enjoy your day!

Check Ya Later.

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Sweet potato’s rule in my book, I them baked, make them into wedges, make them into chips, and mashed, but lately wedges are my obsession.

The only problem I have is the cutting. I have to get the husband to do that for me, I have serious issues cutting through the center of the sweet potato, hey, I’m not to proud to ask for help! So once they are arranged I season with sea salt and drizzle with olive oil.

Then I season my asparagus.

I used Garlic Gold, Italian Herb to season the asparagus.

Grilled up a Salmon burger.

Love an easy cooked meal.

Question of the Day: What’s your favorite spice you use in your kitchen?

Check Ya Later.

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When I think of Spring, lots of things come to mind, plants blossoming, long walks, fresh veggies, manicures and pedicures. So knowing its flip-flop season,  I Sprung Into Action.

I went with a Purple color in honor of the Blooming Hyacinths.

This makes me very happy.

Sorry for the funky feet picture, but I had to show you my painted piggies.

I love when my bulbs pop up and say hello.

I planted this Pussy Willow tree 4 years ago and it never bloomed, but this year I had a few branches with buds.

And of course Spring would not be Spring without Daffodils.

Such a perfect flower, so bright and happy.

But what really takes the cake for me in Spring is the vegetables, the fresh vegetables.

And I cannot forget my favorite stalks, Asparagus, Tender Asparagus.

Roasted, Raw or Grilled I cannot get enough Asparagus.

Question of the Day: What’s your favorite sigh of Spring? 

Check Ya Later.

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