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Lavender Neck Rolls.


These make great gifts. I made a batch of these a few years back for my mother and a few of my girlfriends and I still hear from them how much they use them and how they still smell like Lavender when they heat in the microwave.

So here’s the details on how I make my special Lavender Neck Rolls.

Here’s all my materials. I had most everything I needed on hand because I make my own soaps, oils and I always have a sewing project going. I did need to pick up a few more bags of Flax seed, but I waited until I found a sale. Those little bags can add up quick if you pay the full price.


Lavender oil is amazing. It is comforting, pleasant and healing.


Then I got to work. I cut my fabric and my muslin fabric. 2 sets each. I do cut the muslin an inch smaller so I can fill it as full as possible with the flax seeds and still fit it into the fabric pillow.


It really comes together fast once you get your pieces cut. Turn it inside out so the sewing is inside.


I use a funnel to load up the seeds. You can sprinkle with the lavender oil directly on the seeds or wait until you fill the bag and just drip on the outer muslin pillow. (I do both.)


One funnel at  time.


Once filled just hand sew the opening and get working on your outer fabric pillow.


Here’s the muslin pillow filled and scented.


Now on to the outer pillow fabric which is cut and ready for sewing. Remember to sew these inside out.


Take it nice and slow on your machine to ensure your two pieces stay lined up.


Leave enough room at one of the ends to stuff in your muslin bag. Once it is in place inside the pillow, hand sew or carefully machine sew the outside of the fabric pillow seam. I carefully machine sewed the outside seam.  I just ran the machine slow and trimmed any loose threads on the outside. It really was a nice undetected seam.

So here is my final completed project.


Because this was made as a gift, I needed a tag. So I found some spa inspired clip art and made up some tags and printed them on a card stock paper. I grabbed my favorite ribbon and a whole punch and put the final touches on the gift.


My Spa Tag Reads:

Neck pillows can be microwaved for 40 seconds on each side. Place around neck, to relieve stress, or neck/shoulder pain. Made with soft chenille and filled with flax-seed and lavender.


Who doesn’t love a handmade gift made with love?


The flax-seed can be reheated time and time again as long as it is not burned. Keep the heating time to 40 seconds per side on each use to ensure you do not overheat and burn the flax seeds.

Happy Gift Giving.

Check Ya Later.

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