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Loving pasta is not hard for me, I grew up eating it, I’m sure we all did. So for a little zip I add Spinach to my Pasta.

Adding veggies to my meals is really important to me, I really love the taste of veggies, but I also really love the way they benefit me.

These are my favorite meatballs made by Pierino, they are made in Michigan in a town called Lincoln Park. I grew up right next door to this town and you can find them in any grocery store in Michigan. They have an entire line of Italian foods.

To get your spinach on, just toss into the pan and cook for 5 minutes with your sauce.

What a great way to add a little green goodness into your meal.

What’s a good pasta dinner without a side of bread.

I used the ever hearty fettuccine noodles for tonight’s pasta dinner.


Hope you’re enjoying the last of summer, I know I’m soaking in every second of the day. It might be hot out, but I’d rather be hot then cold any day.

Check Ya Later.

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