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Just wanted to share a post about what I have been up to this summer. To start I am now at a new job! I left my place of employment of 5 years for a new adventure. I am working more hours and am further from home, but I am loving the new responsibilities and learning new skills.  Now on to the good stuff…Weddings, Florida, Food and Fun.

I did some traveling to Florida this summer..Two Trips, and both for weddings! I love weddings.

Our first trip was in May to Key West for our Close Friends daughters wedding.


I love everything about traveling. The airport, the planes, the anticipation. It all makes me happy. Even when I’m on a flight and experience a delay or a cancellation, I just add it to the excitement of the travel experience. I really just go with the flow. As it so happens there were delays and more delays in both my trips to Florida. So I walked away with flight vouchers from both my flights for future travel! I really see it as a bonus.

Jeff and I love Key West. We have been there three times now over the years and LOVE it.


Here we are relaxing in our condo pool in Key West. This is our very own private pool. This is our second time renting this condo just for the private pool. To quote Kid Rock my theme of this  vacation was “Chillin’ the Most”.




Enjoying the sun. Doing what is required on any good vacation.


We enjoyed Amazing Food. I get so excited about vacations mostly for the fresh fish. Being from Michigan I do not get the quality that I do in Florida for obvious reasons!


We enjoyed many Key West Sunsets. Utter Perfection.


We ate Lots of Oysters….Lots and Lots of Oysters.


We enjoyed lots of dinners out on the town.


No trip to Key West would be complete with out a slice of Key Lime Pie. Yum.


Favorite meal was this Delicious Scallops and Grits. Ridiculously good.


Lots of cocktails.


and the topper on the vacation cake was the Beach Wedding Celebration.


With my Honey.


Enjoying the Moments….that make up any good vacation.


We acted like Silly Kids.

210  as often as possible. 171

My next trip was in June for my Best Friend Jody’s wedding. I went solo. My husband was already obligated to go to another wedding for a family member. On a side note, we had 5 weddings this summer.

Jody lives in Miami and her wedding was on Marco Island. So I flew into Miami and spent a day there, then we drove to Marco Island for some fun and activities.

One of my favorite things was paddle boarding. This was my first time doing it and I am hooked. This was so much fun and such an amazing workout. Must look into getting my own board one day.


Here is the wedding party getting our pre-wedding cardio workout in.


Did someone say cake! Look at this amazing cake Jody had made for her wedding. It was beautiful.

098 (2)

Here is my Best Friend Jody…Well I like to call her my Forever Friend. We just had our hair done.


Look at the great gift bag my bride gave me for standing up in her wedding. Loved it. She spoiled me.


Pre-Wedding Cocktail.


Jody got married on a sunset dinner cruise. The boat was called the Marco Island Princess. It was an amazing venue. Perfect weather, great atmosphere. It truly was a perfect evening. I was a Co-Matron of Honor with Jody’s sister Amy.


Our friendship theme is “I got your back”. So naturally we had to have a picture back to back.


After the ceremony I robo-gripped my Jody and gave her the biggest hug I could. I was just so trilled that she found an amazing man to spend her life with. Her husband Ira is the best. It was beyond a special day for me standing at her side as she said her vows. She is like a sister to me and my emotions were overflowing as I looked upon their love and appreciation of one another. It was such a gift to be apart of their special day.


The happy couple listening to the wedding party speeches.


Dinner, Cocktails, then Party Time.



Fun fact….Back when Jody first moved to Miami from Michigan, I went to see her and during my visit she had her first date with Ira, well I actually went on the first date with them. So for me it was like I was apart of their love right from the start.



Toasting the Happy Couple.


I love weddings. It always bring me back to how I felt on my Cherished day with my husband Jeffrey 18 years ago. Cheers to Love.

Sure hope your summer has been full of celebration and good times.

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Have you hugged your Best Friend Lately?

Check Ya Later.

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We headed to Upper Michigan for the Easter weekend. We left on Friday after work and hit the road for the 3 hour drive. I knew my mother would have something for us to eat when we arrived, but I knew I could not go the entire drive without something to eat so I packed up a light dinner and we had a Wrap  on the Run. 

A wrap sandwich is something I like to make for car rides, they are easy to eat on the road and they do not make a mess.

I packed up a few snack bags of veggie chip and pretzels, and a pair of string cheese sticks.

Sliced up an apple.

We spread the wrap with Wholly Guacamole, threw on a slice of cheese and some thin sliced lunch meat.

Folded it up and wrapped it up.

Packed up our light meal and hit the road, having something to snack on while driving always makes the trip go by faster, especially when you have 2 very excited dogs traveling with you.

Question of the Day: What’s your favorite snacks for the road?

Check Ya Later.

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Last night my husband and I returned to Michigan from a 4 day trip to Miami visiting my best friend Jody. We had a great trip. Jody and her boyfriend Ira showed us an amazing time. We stayed at her apartment which is in the heart of Miami. The view is so amazing. I kept singing; I’m in Miami Trick. 

This was my second trip to Miami visiting Jody, my first visit was in June 2010. That was way too long to go without seeing my best friend.

Jody and Ira have a corner apartment so they have this amazing L shaped balcony, I could stand there all day and just watch the city.

We spent time at the pool and soaked up the sun.

The weather was perfect, it was 86 degrees during the day then it cooled down to 74 at night. The best part was the low humidity, we sure did pick a good time of the year to go.

We had a blast on a Swamp Boat Tour.

We met a local. He kept his distance, I was glad for that.

Got up close and personal with a local favorite named Lefty.

Had a blast fishing. We had a full day of catch and release, but just being on the ocean is such great way to spend the day.

We caught some beautiful fish.

Got really close to this guy, he was very friendly, until he realized we didn’t have any fish for him.

We toasted friendship and spent time catching up.

We toured the Allure of the Sea Cruise Ship.

We meet an officer of the ship. That was really fun.

He spent some time showing us around the ship.

We ate amazing food.

Lots of amazing food.

Every time I turned around Jody had another snack to keep us going.

Did I mention sushi, oh we ate lots of sushi.

I love sushi, it was so fresh.

We also had a few cocktails, it was a vacation after all.

Describing the size and the beauty of the Allure Cruise Ship would be impossible to do, it is just out of this world.

Dessert was a wonderful cupcake from the cupcake shop on the Allure of the Sea.

Going to see Jody and Ira was so much fun, they have an amazing life in Miami and I cannot wait to start planning our next trip. Maybe it will be a cruise?

Question of the Day: Does your best friend live near you? 

Check Ya Later.

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