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So back a month ago this was the starting grow of the corn field that I hike. That lovely red lab is my friend Decal, she is the next door neighbors dog to the farm and she joins me most days when I walk the farm. She is great company and she loves walking as much as I do. As soon as Decal sees me pull into the farm she comes running after me so we can take our walk together.

Look at the corn today. It has really grown.

Decal is my pal. She is really a great friend to me. She is loyal, honest and always has my back. She never judges me and is always super happy to see me. That is what I consider a true friend.

She loves to smell every inch of that trail.

Sometimes another friend joins us. That’s Molly. She is also another neighbors dog and she and Decal are good friends. So on occasion, Molly joins us.

Molly sometimes falls behind, but she always catches up eventually. I never worry about losing one of the dogs on our walk, they always come back and find me, plus they are at the farm everyday, and never wander off.  They are both good girls and know the walking routine.

I really love watching the corn grow, it is so fun to see the progress from week to week and sometimes even day-to-day depending on the weather.

This is field corn. These crops will be made into Ethanol. Field Corn is not meant for human consumption. It is used for several purposes, animal feed or as a burning source or for Ethanol. It gets super tall, and it normally gets harvested in late October through December and one year I remember them still harvesting some of the crops on New Years Day.

I walked the trail every day last week and I had a K-9 friend join me every day. Decal found me all week and Molly joined us two days in a row. Great exercise for all, and I love the company. When Decal does not see me on my way into the farm, I stop by her house to get her or I go to the farms shop where she sometimes hangs out. I do consider Decal to be one of my best friends. People always laugh when they see that I have pictures of her in my house, but to me she is like any another friend of mine, K-9 or not, a friend is a friend.

Check Ya Later.

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