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We headed to Upper Michigan for the Easter weekend. We left on Friday after work and hit the road for the 3 hour drive. I knew my mother would have something for us to eat when we arrived, but I knew I could not go the entire drive without something to eat so I packed up a light dinner and we had a Wrap  on the Run. 

A wrap sandwich is something I like to make for car rides, they are easy to eat on the road and they do not make a mess.

I packed up a few snack bags of veggie chip and pretzels, and a pair of string cheese sticks.

Sliced up an apple.

We spread the wrap with Wholly Guacamole, threw on a slice of cheese and some thin sliced lunch meat.

Folded it up and wrapped it up.

Packed up our light meal and hit the road, having something to snack on while driving always makes the trip go by faster, especially when you have 2 very excited dogs traveling with you.

Question of the Day: What’s your favorite snacks for the road?

Check Ya Later.

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Killian wanted to say Hello, he’s very social!  He loves to let you when he’s hungry, which is the same time I get home from work, this picture is him barking his head off at me and throwing himself around his bowl. He is just too funny, that is one think about my Killian, he makes me laugh every single day.

After he ate, he then attempted to taunted the Geese, he loves to run up and down the sea wall patrolling. He will stalk them slowly down the path, then pounce at the sea wall in an attempt to scare them. In my head I hear the Geese laughing and saying “Geese Don’t Care”, all sounding like the Honey Badger. I have a strange habit of imagining what animals would sound like if they could talk, and also what they might say.

To really make his point he will run out on the dock and try to intimidate them that way, and again the Geese respond with “Geese Don’t Care”.

As a last attempt Stuart will run out to help Killian, but again the Geese get bored and swim away saying Geese Don’t Care, We Go Where Ever We Want”. 

Tonight dinner was easy, but I really loved every single bite. I love the convenience of a quick, yet still semi healthy meal.

Dr. Praeger’s little spinach bites are my favorite if I don’t have fresh vegetables on hand. Paired with Yukon Gold Fries these two frozen items make great side dish’s.

Boca meatless chicken patty with Wholly Guacamole, a slice of cheese, and lettuce.

Perfect light dinner for a busy night with not a lot of time to cook.

Question of the Day: When you have a burger or a non-meat patty do you have fries?

Check Ya Later.

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Boot Camp Update, I am really getting into this, I am looking forward to what comes next, not to say that when I’m done, I’m not exhausted, starving and a bit sore, I am, but first and foremost I am doing it and having fun. I increased my hand weights this week on a few of the exercises.

Work has been crazy for me lately, I have had to work 10 plus hours extra this week alone, but I have made my workouts a priority. I tried to make a few meals in advance so that I could save time on the nights our Boot Camp took me longer to complete. Monday was a hectic day for me, I worked late, got home, I made my husband dinner, went and worked out, prepped my breakfast and lunch for the next day, then I finally sat down to eat my dinner at 7:30pm, but it was worth it. I took care of everyone including my self, and I didn’t make Any Excuses.

I had a nice glass of this Silk fruit and protein smoothie after my workout, it was just what I needed to give me a little boost. I loved the mango flavor, it was really taste.

Plank Club, I rocked a  50 second plank. That is a really good time for me, I am working on improving that time, but I am really happy starting with that as a base line, just 6 short months ago during a yoga class I could barely hole 30 seconds without violently shaking.

Dinner was one that I could put together in about 15 minutes, I love taco’s and I love shrimp, so we had Shrimp Taco’s.

Quick and easy was the theme here.


One of my favorite taco topping is guacamole and the little wholly guacamole packs are the best to just squeeze on. Plus they can be kept in the freezer and they thaw in minutes in a bowl of water, so I always have them on hand.

I know refried beans are not the prettiest to photograph, but I love them.


Question of the Day: What’s your favorite Bean?

Check Ya Later.


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